We make Green & Sustainable Technology Ideas successful invests in innovative Green & Sustainable Technology Start-Ups in Europe in their early stages. We focus on investments with products or services ready to sell to end consumers. We scout, raise funds, consult and offer media & sales support for your Start-Up to help you create a successful business.

We are strongly committed to quality:

1. We only raise money when we are sure that you have a great idea;

2. We provide your team with senior management support to build your success story;

3. We help you build a strong brand awareness among the general public;

4. We help you sell your brand effectively to end consumers;

5. We are committed to your Start-Up because we want to build a better planet.

Our Mission

It’s our Kids’ Planet

In less than 30 years, our kids will live in a world with very limited resources and will have to face the resultant problems. We owe our kids a better future and we have to start thinking how we can solve these problems NOW.

We need Your Ideas!

We need your ideas in order to create a balance between modern living and sustainable life. We believe that your Start-Up in the area of Green & Sustainable Technology can help solve these problems, will open new opportunities for our society and build a livable planet for our kids and future generations. promotes and supports your Start-Up and helps you create a successful business.


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