Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership


Be the change you wish to see in the world! Gandhi

Ladies! Feminine Leadership is a group with a vision. We wish to create a better world by empowering women to fulfill their greatest potential. We are committed to increase the number of women in leadership positions and supporting those that wish to become leaders.

Our purpose is to motivate and inspire each one of you to become a leader in her personal and professional life, in her family and in the community. It’s a place for those women that are interested in fulfilling their own potential by creating a better world and leading others and empowering them.

We wish to create a community of women that not only discuss feminine leadership and women’ leadership but also take the steps to bring it into the world by taking actions.

Our target group is corporate women in leadership positions and women entrepreneurs who wish to develop their skills and promote the development of women in leadership positions.

The highlight of the group is our weekly Wednesday “Wings to Fly” newsletter' that will allow you to spark some ideas and inspiration on how you can create a better world and lead a new direction in life. Often it will spark a deep and meaningful discussion on important things you wouldn't normally think about.

Our community values are: Respect, Awareness, Love and Responsibility. Be respectful and thoughtful to each other.

So. Why Should You Join?
• It's energizing. It's alive. It’s a place for your spirit to be ignited and raised it to another level.
• It's a private, secure community of dynamic 'down to earth' professional women
• Your connection to inspiring women from different regions around the world
• Discussions of various business topics with real life stories and questions
• Diverse members globally with different views, experience levels and ages

And. What is it NOT about
• A hard core business group
• Just one point of view, industry or culture
• Venting about men
• A 'typical' women's group

How to join:
Access to this group is and always will be free. Every woman is invited to join and belong to this special group. We require you have a photo in your profile and at least have made two contacts on Xing.

You must be curious now. Wouldn't you be? So click to join and please do leave us a message. Within 24 hours we will check your photo and contacts and confirm your membership if you meet the criteria.

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