Greece for Foreignes

Greece for Foreignes

The group Greece for Foreigners is a platform for foreign people living in Greece and people who intend to do so.
It is sometimes difficult to find your way through the Greek jungle, to get accurate information (e.g. law, cars, etc.) or find things one knows from his/her home country since quite often one knows not if and where.
This group is meant to be a help point since more than a few foreigners do not speak Greek sufficiently to receive the right information. We also hope that there will emerge new contacts and maybe friendships through our group . Quite often one does not know, that there are people living around the corner who have the same problems.
We would also encourage our Greek hosts an friends to help us for we as xeni usually do not have an ikouyenia here we could consult.
Sas ewcharistoume para poli kai na iste kala !

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