Welcome to the Official XING Ambassador Group for Caracas, Venezuela.

XING Caracas offers an online communication platform and hosts offline (in-person) networking events for business and professional people living in Venezuela and those who are personally or commercially interested in Caracas or Venezuela.

Our goals at XING Caracas

  • assist in the building and expansion of your professional and personal networks

  • provide the support of a global network to reach your goals

  • help you to find clients, suppliers, business partners, colleagues, employees, and friends

  • aid in the development of new ideas, perspectives, business areas, career opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere

  • provide access to experience and know-how of thousands of other professionals

It's not a simple chore to create a profile that stands out and allows people to find you easily and network with you. We are here to help you get the most out of social and business networking from all sites and help bring your XING profile to the top.

Online and Offline Content

  • exchange of experience and ideas, cooperation, synergies and referrals

  • marketplace of contacts, cooperation, jobs and projects

  • information about regional topics such as economy, events, culture, living and working in the area

  • promote the networking philosophy for use in career, innovation and sales

Our Group Membership

Everyone who lives or works in Venezuela, everyone with some personal or business relation to Caracas, We are open to new ideas, perspectives and solutions. We mingle with people from different industries, professions, cultures and nationalities.


We are holding quarterly events at various locations in Caracas (to be announced 30 days in advance of each event) that are designed to introduce people to one and other and gain valuable training and experience through the presentation of information from guest speakers from private industry, regulatory bodies, chambers of commerce, and people like university professors, successful businesspeople, motivational speakers, and other XING members. We include as content during these events introductions to new business opportunities or ideas, social mixers, discussions.

Become A Member

As a member of "XING Caracas" you will automatically receive personal invitations for upcoming events and frequently you will receive information in a newsletter. You can also optionally subscribe by email to new articles relevant to Venezuela about Enterprises, Finance, Legal Issues, Information and Communications Technology, Import|Export and more.

This is how you will gain quick access to everything that XING Caracas and the members have to offer.

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