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Welcome to everyone!

Kharkov (Ukraine) Business Club is provided for Kharkov residents, to all visitors of Kharkov, and business minded people from all around the world, who would like to share and discuss business opportunities with Kharkov based companies.

The forum enlightens both business and social sides of the city to exchange views and experiences on topics from working with local companies to places to visit and having fun with friends.

It helps generate many possibilities to get in touch with people, share good and bad experiences, job searches specifically for Kharkov, introduce your company, look for potential customers and explore business opportunities.

Key facts:

Population: 1.5 mln
Currency: 1 Euro = 6,65 UAH (Hrywnja)
UTC difference: + 2 h
Industries: Education, Manufacturing, Finance, Engineering, IT, Aerospace, Science
Country: Ukraine

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