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XinXii Group

In 2008, XinXii began with the idea that everybody should be able to publish and market his written works himself. Today, XinXii is the leading indie eBook publishing and distribution platform in Europe:

With XinXii authors can self-publish their eBooks and sell them on their XinXii author page. As an aggregator, XinXii additionally offers to distribute eBooks to international retailers such as Amazon, iBookstore and Kobo. XinXii is an easy, fast and free solution to publish and sell eBooks around the world!

With this in mind, we’ve launched the XinXii Group to further support you to get the most from our platform and services.

Our group is about the world of XinXii: We inform about our news, new features and updates, tips for using the tools that XinXii provides to publish and sell your eBooks, and best practices.

And, more importantly, at this place we want to get in touch with you and to communicate with you! Please feel free to use our group extensively, and contact us with any suggestions, queries or potential contributions you might have.

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