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Ad-free profile with jobseeker status

Use your professional profile to show recruiters what kind of jobs and careers you'd be interested in. Your jobseeker status lets recruiters know about your preferred cities and regions, your salary expectations, discipline and industry. This will make it easier for recruiters to find you and provide you with better job ad recommendations. And Premium member profiles are ad-free!

Visitors to your profile -
with statistical analysis

Who visited your profile and why?
As a Premium member you can see who visited your profile and why. You'll also see detailed statistics such as one-off and repeat visitors as well as the search terms used to find you.

Send messages to non-contacts

Send messages without having to be connected. That way you can get in touch with profile visitors without having to connect with them. It's a quick and easy way to find out if such visitors could be beneficial to your network.

The latest news within your network

Overview of your contacts' updates That way you'll always see if any of your contacts change their job or location. You'll also see any past or upcoming birthdays.

Find new contacts with shared interests

Commonalities: As a Premium member you'll receive selected contact suggestions to help you reach your personal goals. You can, for example, see members looking for what you have to offer.

Premium means perks!

Premium members gain access to a number of exclusive perks from selected XING partners. Premium members get free access to the Blinkist non-fiction app and XING Workspace (in partnership with DESIGN OFFICES) so they can relax and work in various locations.

Comparison of all the Premium perks

See for yourself: See a comparison of all the Premium services and perks.

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