Klaus Müller

Klaus Müller

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Master of Business Administration, Liz. Iur
Managing Director, Partner
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Klaus Müller's haves

Klaus Müller's wants

Klaus Müller's professional experience

  • 17 years
    6 months
    11/1996 - present

    Managing Director, Partner

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  • 8 months
    09/2013 - present

    Software development - Aircraft testing

    Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

  • 8 months
    01/2013 - 08/2013

    Software development - E-Banking frontend

    Private Bank, Geneva

  • 1 year
    6 months
    03/2011 - 08/2012

    3rd level support Internet plattform

    Tamedia AG

  • 4 years
    2 months
    07/2008 - 08/2012

    Software development - Data management application

    Helvea SA - Bank Baader AG

  • 1 year
    04/2010 - 03/2011

    Program manager - Authentication and authorization system

    Credit Suisse

  • 1 year
    3 months
    10/2008 - 12/2009

    Program manager - Corporate web-site

    Credit Suisse

  • 4 months
    09/2005 - 12/2005

    Software development - Asset management system

    Albin Kistler AG

  • 1 year
    10 months
    11/2003 - 08/2005

    Project manager - Establishement of a new company

    Pictet Group

  • 10 years
    7 months
    05/1986 - 11/1996


    UBS Switzerland

Klaus Müller's educational background

  • 09/1990 - 07/1991

    Barney School of Business, Harford University, Connecticut USA

    Management, Master of Business Administration

    Quantitative and statistical mehtods.
  • 07/1987 - 09/1987

    London city polytechnic law school

    Introduction to English law, Diploma

    Common law, torts
  • 09/1981 - 06/1986

    University of Geneva

    Law, License

Languages spoken by Klaus Müller

  • English

  • German

    (First language)
  • French


Klaus Müller's organisations

  • Alumni Association of the University of Hartford.

Klaus Müller's interests

Klaus Müller's portfolio

  • Project restructuring and management

    During my career I was involved in three multimillion project, which all failed or have been delayed over years sometime at awful costs. Under my leadership these projects resulted in:

    • Hevea SA , Geneva: an international broker with subsidiaries in US, UK, CAN and Switzerland.
    • The current Internet infrastructure of the Credit Suisse Group.
    • A client authentication and authorization system for the Credit Suisse Group, which did not enter production because of cost cutting.

    These success were achieved by:

    • A pragmatic implementation of project management procedures like PMP or CMMI.
    • Proper project organization with clear cut responsibilities
    • Careful selection of the team members based on capabilities and proven experience.
    • Delimitation of the project in phases and reviewable software deliverable.
    • Clear delimitation of the functions to deliver at any project phase
    • Tight information of management to ascertain fit for purpose.

  • Software development based on Internet technologie

    2001 first appeared a tag allowing to insert page breaks in HTML print outs. This unnoticed event is critical for software development, since it allows printing reports grouped for example by supplier or client. By adding the ECMA standardized JavaScript programming language, online web protocols like JSON, the realization of 100% HTML application not relying on any prerequisite as to the client platform was possible. 2005 I received a first contract to realize an application relying only on the above technologies. Since them the following have been realized:

    2005 – Albin Kistler AG: a portfolio management system.
    2008 – Helvea SA: a data management and reporting system (illustrated)
    2012 – Private bank in Geneva: and E-Banking front end.

    The realization of applications relying on main Internet standards allow for substantial cost savings versus traditional event based application development. The maintenance costs of these applications involving no software installation on the clients can hardly be matched by any other development. Their security can be guarantied by certificates, encryption and strong authentication. In addition a longer life time is ensured, since major standards can hardly be modified substantially.

  • Internet technology based application

    This application allows an international broker to manage its client, account, commission and delivery instruction data.

  • Project management

    The Gantt chart which resulted in the launch of the new web infrastructure of the Credit Suisse Group.

  • Project management success.

    The press reaction to the launch of the new Credit Suisse Group web-site.

  • E-Banking HTML front end

    The HTML front end of the E-Banking system of a private bank.

  • System engieering

    The cluster structure of an Internet application with replication at database level.

  • A portfolio management application

    Screen shot of a portfolio management application relying entirely on Internet technologies

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