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1. Find all search terms is the default setting.

Example: If you enter 'IT sales' in the Person has box you will only search for members who have both 'IT' and 'sales' in their Haves box.
2. Find at least one search term can be used if you enter several search terms all separated by the word 'OR'

Example: If you enter 'IT OR sales' in the Person has box your search will also include members who only have the word 'IT' or 'sales' in their Haves box.
3. Find a group of words by putting them in quotation marks.

Example: "Marketing and sales" will search for entries containing 'Marketing and sales'.
4. Find words with the same beginning by using an asterisk (*) after the start of a word you've entered.

Example: 'Market*' will search for words starting with market such as 'Market', 'Markets', 'Marketing', 'Marketeer' etc.
5. Exclude words by using the minus sign (-) before the word to be excluded.

Example: '-Marketing' will search for entries that do NOT include the word 'Marketing'.