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XING share button privacy policy

The XING share button provides users with a simple way of sharing their own or third-party online content with their XING contacts. In this privacy policy XING would like to inform you about how XING collects, handles, and uses your Personal Data and to what extent within the scope of the XING share button.

Use of the XING share button

You are free to add the XING share button to your website by using XING’s “button builder”. There you can choose from a number of different designs and features.

You also have the opportunity to change the language you would like to use. After selecting a language, you will see a “code snippet” that you then need to add to your website’s source code.

The XING share button with the designs and features you chose will then appear on each web page where you added the “code snippet”.

What personal data will be collected and used?

No personal data will be collected when you create a XING share button for your website. As the XING share button builder is available to both registered users and third parties via the XING platform, the general terms of the XING Privacy Policy apply.

We do not store any information relating to the fact that you created a XING share button. Our server logs do however allow us to subsequently identify how often domain pages were accessed using the XING share button.

What data is saved and handled when people visit my website?

If you use the XING share button on your website, the user’s end device browser will access a specific server cluster in one of XING’s data centres each time they click on a page on your site where the share button is embedded. This server cluster hosts and handles all of the features of the XING share button.

This server cluster is special in that it has been configured to be as privacy friendly as possible. This means that no information from which we can create a direct connection to an individual is stored when people visit your website. XING does not store the IP addresses of people who visit pages on your site where you embedded the XING share button.

The XING share button does not involve any cookies, meaning that you do not need to acquire a separate declaration of consent from visitors to your website.

If visitors to your website click on the XING share button they will be redirected to the XING homepage where, provided they are logged in, they can publish a status update about the content of your website in the “What’s new in your network” feed. This in turn triggers the automatic insertion of a link to your website. The general terms of the XING Privacy Policy apply to activities offered to registered users via the XING platform.

How can I inform visitors to my website about the XING share button?

If you would like to inform visitors to your website about the collection and handling of data in connection with the XING share button, you should do so in your website’s privacy policy. To this end, we have put together a sample text containing all the information you need. Please feel free to use it in your privacy policy:

In this privacy policy we would like to inform you about how personal data is handled in connection with the XING share button.

The “XING share button” is in use on this website. When accessing this website, your browser connects for a short time to the XING servers which provide the “XING share button” features (including the visitor counter). XING does not save any of your Personal Data when you access this website. XING does not store IP addresses, nor does it use cookies to monitor your behaviour with regard to the “XING share button”. Please visit the following website to view the latest privacy policy for the “XING share button” and other information: