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Die offizielle XING-Gruppe zum Diversity Management. Wir freuen uns auf spannende Diskussionen mit Ihnen.

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Today I got up thinking about what I have to do before the clock strikes midnight...
It's my job choose what kind of day I will have today.
I can complain because it's raining ...or thank the water by washing the pollution.
I can feel me sad for not having money... or feel me encouraged to manage my finances, avoiding waste.
I can complain about my health... or give thanks for being alive.
I can complain to my parents for not having given me everything I wanted ...or I can be thankful for being born.
I can complain about having to go to work... or thank for have one work.
I can feel me bored with work .. or to thank my God for being still working
I can regret disappointments with friends... or enthuse with the possibility of making new friends.
If things did not go as I planned... I will happy having to start again today.
The day is in front of me waiting to be what I want ... And here I am ... the sculptor who can form .... It all depends only on me....
Sonja App
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Hi Sonja,
I'm traveling in these next days, but I remembered an article that I wrote about Amazonian Forest ... I'm putting now in your Group ...
It's one of our realities.....Believe...!!
Best regards from Brazil,
Johanna Marius A brief introduction
The path my life took started in Munich, led me to the United States, to Italy, to the South Pacific and back to Germany. My language skills (translator and interpreter) were very helpful and a good basis for my travels and activities abroad.
Due to the various activities I pursued as entrepreneur, I traveled extensively in Indonesia, India and West Africa. After a creative period in Munich when I established my training institute and was active on the board of Business and Professional Women for women empowerment, I needed a change. A new culture, a new country, a different language, new tastes and smells. So, since April 2014 I spend a lot of time in Luxor in Egypt. I run a tour company, facebook: Luxor sail the Nile. My life in Luxor is very exciting and full of possibilities to observe how culture, tradition and religion blend. Perhaps I'll write my next book about my observations in Upper Egypt.
„Geschäftskultur USA“ (Business Culture USA), published by Conbook Verlag is my first book which has already reached the second printing. It is advice for business people who work successfully with US Americans. It is based on my own experience and observations, it is to the point and practical.
Joanna Sell Cultural diversity is a real enrichment
and therefor it is my real pleasure to join this group and participate in its discussions and events.
I am convinced that intercultural trainings and coachings for multicultural globally dispersed team members, leaders of the international projects as well as business people dealing with people from other cultures can have a great impact on the thinking and behavior patterns of the participants. That is why I offer trainings on multicultural teams, international project management and coping strategies with the transition stress (both in the business world and at two German universities, Leibniz University Hannover and University Hildesheim). As a trainer and coach coming originally from Poland and living in Germany I offer business seminars on Polish and German business culture. More details on doing business with Poland can be found in my book, Geschäftskultur Polen and in the "diversophy" game on Polish Culture, available in English and German. Check http://www.intercultural if you are interested.
I love discovering different corners of our blue planet with all its cultural surprises and look forward to detecting still more... both on my way and in this group.

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