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Kirsty Major Are you making these mistakes when you're trying to learn English?
Everyone makes mistakes. They are part of learning. However some mistakes are avoidable!
This week I look at some of the mistakes that I have made as a language learner. I also outline some better ways of doing things so that others can avoid making the same mistakes.
You can read the article here:
Or listen to the podcast episode here:
Kind regards,
Kirsty Major
Chris Lyndhurst Posts
Good afternoon members,
Just a quick question, is this group still live or is life in our area so busy that no one has time to post?
Still alive, but most posts appear here The recent changes on XING, might help to revive the XING version of Hamburg English Pages. The lack of photos and instant links, were always a problem. FB was an advantage, in terms of time, images and posts. We would like to see everyone taking part :-)
Louisa Lombardo Networking events/meet ups in Hamburg?
Hi everyone,
I'm hoping to be in Hamburg next week and was wondering if anyone could recommend any networking/meet up events in or around the city?
I'm hoping to meet German/English speakers as I'm recruiting for a Customer Service position at our office in Hamburg (job description is here: )
Really appreciate your help!
Kind Regards
Alexander Baron von Engelhardt Unreasonable Royalties for Translator
Pursuant to §32 UrhG the copyright holder is entitled to receive reasonable royalties when permitting exploitation of his copyright. But can it be that the author has the right to demand participation on the sales? The BGH gave some new clarification in its judgment of October 7, 2009 (re I ZR 38/07 - Talking to Addison).
Alexander Baron von Engelhardt Limited Taxation for an Employee relocating Abroad?
Limited Taxation for an Employee relocating Abroad?
When Jerry lost his job, he negotiated a severance pay and then headed home. His German tax office wanted to fully tax him but Jerry only wanted to be partially taxed on this severance pay. When you read this article, you will know who is right because the Federal Tax Court had it it's say on August 27, 2008 (re I R 81/07; published on December 17, 2008).


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