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Business Networking & Events
Christopher Graham Nicolls Business Networking
This section offers you a platform to communicate with professionals, and potential customers.
If you are always attending the same networking events, repeatedly talking to the same people who still don't want to buy your product or service, then this may be a chance for various networking organisers and their members to meet, discuss new ideas and organise events.
If you are looking to build strategic business relations with like-minded professionals in a secure environment then please feel free to join us.
A lot of people think business networking is all about 'selling yourself' or 'working a room', whereas, networking isn't about that at all. It's about relationship building and making yourself and your company attractive to people in a way they hadn't realised before. It's about developing your business, not cramming it down someone's throat. It's about giving and not just taking. What does something for nothing cost?
Since we know that most people just hate being in a situation where they might make a fool of themselves - saying or doing the 'wrong' thing, let's explore some of the conventions and 'rules' about business networking. Then we could look at breaking them as well!
How would you like to expand on these ideas?
Would you be interested in an English language monthly network meeting in the Hamburg region, with Consulate connections and ex-Consulate-General employees as organisers? An established group may be revived soon after a break of a few months.
This is all about learning from other people who are experiencing, or have experienced, similar things to yourself. You get more from networking events if you’re an active participant so please get involved in debates, discussions, social events and exhibitions. Networking is valuable whether you’re starting up or have been running a business for years.
Make it your aim to come away with at least one new contact every time you attend a networking event. You’ll build better working relationships, make contacts, obtain information and get your company ‘out there’
Get the most out of networking:
We would like to hear your views today.
Have we missed anything?
Do you agree?
Happy networking!
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Thierry Perrotin
Personally I have not done any networking events in quite a while. Main reason being language barrier (my German is not good enough to sustain a basic conversation) and who would like to buy a milking robot from me?
Maybe I put too much of a stereotype on these events - I see them more beneficials for self employed/business owners/service Cies, etc that do not quite meet my professional profile.
Enough with my reasons of why not do it! From a personal point of view, I would be interested to meet with English speaking professionals to exchange on experiences and what it is to live up-rooted. There is always something positive about meeting people.
And I agree with you two posts above, just the idea of watching anyone boasting about their businesses or their own self would be enough to keep me away from such event!
BR/ Thierry


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