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Kirsty Major What's the point of paying for language training?
It's a question that comes up from time to time. Why bother to pay for training when there are so many free resources out there for people who want to learn English?
I provide free resources as well, but I think there are some definite advantages to investing in language training and I outline some of them in this article.
Kirsty Major Keep yourself accountable!
Yes, I really need to do that later. I'll do it next week. I really want to do it, but I don't know where to start. I'll go for a walk instead. Oh, I haven't done anything about it this week, never mind. It's the weekend. I'll look at it again next week…
Sometimes language learning can feel a bit like that. We have good intentions, but somehow they never materialise. However, as I explain in this week's podcast, it doesn't have to be this way.
1. You need to have clear and specific if you want to reach them and be able to measure your progress
2. You need to have a plan as to how you will reach these goals. That involves breaking the goals down into smaller,manageable tasks. This helps you to track your progress and also prevents you from feeling overwhelmed. In the podcast, I share what I did and how my language learning spreadsheet helped me to keep on track and reminded me when I needed to do more speaking practice – my least favourite task!
3. It's good to involve others because they can make the learning process more interesting, celebrate your successes with you and give you encouragement on days when you don't feel motivated.
You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or Sticher. You can also listen to it and view the show notes on my site:
Kirsty Major The benefits of using online groups to help with language learning
Obviously Xing groups can help you to improve your English too, but this podcast episode specifically looks at what's available on Facebook, whether you're looking for groups specifically about English or other groups about your hobbies and interests. Far from being a place to share information with friends, I'm involved with a lot of groups for self-employed people, and I've used Facebook to help with my German and Turkish practice.
Even if you aren't interested in Facebook, the 10 points about the benefits of engaging in groups may inspire you to become more active in groups on whichever platform.
You can find the English with Kirsty podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. You can also listen to the episode directly here:
Kirsty Major Do you sometimes worry about your pronunciation?
In this episode of the English with Kirsty podcast, I talk about some things that you can do if you’re learning English and you have concerns about your pronunciation.
If you would like to listen, you can either look for English with Kirsty on iTunes, or you can listen to the episode directly here:
Kind regards,
Kirsty Major


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