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Christopher Graham Nicolls Stores on Hamburg's Reeperbahn to Close on Sundays - Change of Law
Stores on Hamburg's Reeperbahn to close on Sundays
Hamburg - Reeperbahn | Germany's most famous red-light district, became a little less freewheeling under a law that went into affect on 1st January 2010.
Under the law discount grocery stores in the district no longer enjoy a special exemption from Germany's law restricting retail sales on Sundays and holidays. The exemption, which was in effect for 42 years, was meant to give visitors to the seedy district a chance to buy items one would expect to find there - sex toys and erotic clothing, for example.
But regular grocery retailers located in the district took advantage of the exemption and remained open through the night and on Sundays and holidays. Under the new law only sex shops, kiosks and stores smaller than 100 square metres are covered under the exemption


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