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Christopher Graham Nicolls Day Trip: Newly Built Steam Train. Bad Doberan & Heiligendamm
Bad Doberan is just 2-and-a-half hours drive from Hamburg and just falls into our ''Day Trip'' category.
The main attraction in 2009 is the newly built narrow gauge locomotive, due to go into regular service in May 2009 at a cost of circa 2-and-a-half million Euros. Two existing locomotives, built in the 1930's and known as Molli, had to be repaired too often. This resulted in outages in the main season. This problem should now be solved from May, allowing repairs to be undertaken to the older locomotives alongside regular tourist trips. 600,000.00 guests use the 15.4 km stretch, between Bad Doberan & Heiligendamm, every year.
We have not been there yet, but the beaches and surrounding area are worth a visit and not just for one day!
Additions 26.01.2009: - Note: on 26.01.2009, this website was not available. Reason unknown.
Christopher Graham Nicolls The Wentland Area - A nature day trip to Pevestorf near Dannenberg
April 2006. A day trip from Hamburg to Pevestorf, near Dannenberg. We spent two days there, although one day is possible if you leave early.
Not far from Gorleben, famous for atomic waste transport protests. Intended as a nature trip, as part of a University biology exam project, it turned out we just missed major flooding in the area by a couple of days. The first day was warm and sunny. The photos (link below) feature the heathland area famous for an amazing amount of Lichens, known as Flechten in German. Flowering moss and many signs of wild pigs left a lasting impression. The photos were taken over a period of two days and show how the water rose on a flooded road in just a short time. The road shown leads to a ferry which transports cars and people across the River Elbe. We hope to get back there soon. By the way, the house prices are very low in the area.
Here are the photos:
Christopher Graham Nicolls Don't miss the ''Husum Crocus Festival'' in Northern Germany
We were there last year and really enjoyed it. Around the mansion (see photos) there were market stalls and inside part of the building, somewhat questionable fashion items. Market stalls with flowers and other goods, were set up in the town centre. To tour the mansion itself, an acceptable entrance fee has to be paid.
Here are the photos...
and the location...
We were in Husum on 15th March 2008, so aim for the weekends before and after the 15th March this year. We assume the exact dates will be published on
Christopher Graham Nicolls Day Trip: Otterndorf on the Coast
If you are looking for a wonderful day out, then visit Otterndorf on the way to Cuxhaven. Situated on the coast, Otterndorf is one of many great places to visit near Hamburg. Allow two hours on the B73. If you use a navigation unit, don't let it take you there via the ferry over the Elbe. Drive through the Elbe Tunnel and then Stade (roadworks until 2011 on one tunnel).
Make your way to the coast when you get there and take good walking shoes. Take a walk in the Winter sun, or sit on the beach in the Summer. There are no buildings near the beach as all buildings are behind the dykes and the dykes are about 500 metres inland. The beach is a great place to sit and watch many ships, that go up the Elbe, go by.
You will also see what is left of an English ship that was stranded there in 1891. See Google link.
The Konditorei or café in the town centre is worth a visit, as are the café's on the coast itself. Good food is also served in the small pub style taverns, found on the main road through the town. Wonderful old buildings can be discovered in many streets.
I may add some photos and a video in the future, so watch this space! See the link below for the location and a few photos.
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Places I know to write about or to show them: (german names for the cities ...)
Bad Segeberg
hansa park in Sieksdorf
Glückstadt , Itzehoe , Pinneberg ,Wedel, Cuxhafen, Heidepark Soltau and a little bit of Bremen


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