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Christopher Graham Nicolls New Groups New Design
Dear all.
We have decided to take up the offer of the new design feature, which we hope will improve not only your experience, but we hope it will reduce the amount of work involved as a moderator. As Facebook has proved to be an advantage, as far as time to post and mobile contributions are concerned, we moved most of our posts there. Time will tell if the new XING design, has been improved in some form of Facebook design, where links and text can be posted on the move and quickly.
The new design is set to go live in the very near future.
Welcome to all new members!
Please post in the various sections and keep an eye on the Facebook ticker on the group homepage. All Facebook and XING posts appear on our website automatically via (Hamburg English Pages). You will also find links there to various classic car and music pages we run, plus Berlin English Pages.
As spring has sprung, we wish you all a great season and if you have the time, please view our spring photos and the salvaging of 'Jade' video and photos >
Have a great week,
Chris Nicolls
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Christopher Graham Nicolls Welcome & Facebook
Thanks to all the new members, for joining us!
As Spring has sprung, we are slowly moving towards warmer weather; AT LAST! Those who suffer from hay-fever should be getting ready for a pollen explosion this week, or next, as temps slowly rise to a possible 20 degrees C.
Reminder: Many more posts can be found on the Facebook version of Hamburg English Pages. Some of these posts can be seen in the ticker at the bottom of our main Hamburg English Pages XING group page, or via
We have a number of Facebook Pages, including classic car feature pages. There are also a number of feature pages on our website.
We hope to be reporting from the International Garden Show on Friday and also hope to take photos of the first official run of the monorail. Hamburg's mayor will be present. On the 26th, we hope to be at the official opening. The show will be opened by Joachim Gauck. The official invitations have yet to be confirmed; security being an issue.
We ask everyone to send us information about any events in, or within reach of, Hamburg. We can include photos on Facebook.
Please feel free to post social and business related items here in the group. We hope to see an increase in activity, especially if everyone takes part.
Happy Spring!
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Christopher Graham Nicolls Closed Until 2013
The time has come. We are closing the office and updates will now be limited, until the first working day in 2013. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for being with us in 2012 and we hope you will stay throughout 2013. A few changes are being planned for 2013, including a new website, but that's another story :-) .
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Christopher Graham Nicolls Snow and over 400 members
A very good snowy morning to everyone!
Winter is well and truly upon us, the Christmas markets have been open since 26th November (some even earlier) and everything is covered in a layer of snow.
We would like to welcome all new members to the XING version of Hamburg English Pages and say, ''take care out there'', it's very icy!
Do you have any Christmas plans, or are you going to any events? Let us know what you are up to and let us all know if there are any public events and happenings in our area.
Keep warm!
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