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WELCOME to Hamburg English Pages! Expanding on the popular concept that has been online since January 2001. Main page:

Garden, Nature & Countryside
Kirsty Major Horse idioms
There are many phrases in the English language that have something to do with horses. In this podcast episode, I talk about six of them and explain what they mean.
Christopher Graham Nicolls IGS 2013 Has Closed | Impressions of the last day
Photos in our Facebook gallery
INTERNATIONAL GARDEN SHOW HAMBURG | A selection of images, including Dahlias planted by the 'Dahlia Gardens Hamburg' gardeners and the closing press conference | Copyright:
Christopher Graham Nicolls The International Garden Show 2013 | Opens 26th April
"Joining forces for a green city" - This is the motto of the Hamburg S-Bahn cooperation with IBA and igs 2013. The Hamburg S-Bahn has put six specially designed wagons into service in IGS design. The wagons will continue to run until Autumn 2013, to display the partnership between IGS and the S-Bahn Hamburg. IBA website >


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