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Mae Rajaya Do you want to study English?
Genius English Proficiency Academy offer English course in the Philippines.
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Why study English in the Philippines?
The Philippines has the following advantages as your alternative destination for the study of English even far away from home country:
***English is widely spoken in the Philippines. It is used as the business language as well as the medium of instruction in schools and universities. 93.5% of Filipinos can speak and understand English well.
***The Philippines offers the same quality English education at a much affordable cost.
***The Philippines prides itself with rich natural and cultural resources that fascinate visitors.
***Fun activities accompanying the English language learning is abundant.
***The Philippines is also a great get-away destination for people who adore nature
Christopher Graham Nicolls The Open University Celebrates 40 Years of World Class Learning at British Day 2009
The Open University Celebrates 40 Years of World Class Learning at British Day 2009
Press release:
The Open University is holding a double celebration in Hamburg this weekend, 5 - 6 September 2009; to commemorate its 40th anniversary and to celebrate the achievements of this year's graduates in Germany.
The 40th anniversary marks a significant milestone for the UK's first university dedicated to open and distance learning. Since it was established, over 2 million people have studied with The Open University and it is now one of Europe's largest universities, teaching more than 200,000 students each year. The Open University has been in Germany since 1992 and currently has over 1,500 students here.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary, The Open University in Germany is holding a reception at its stand at British Day 2009 http// , for staff, students, alumni and friends to join together to toast an institution they are proud to be part of. It will take place on Sunday, 6th September between 11.00 and 13.00 hrs.
234 students graduated this year with The Open University here in Germany, 26 of whom are based in northern Germany. Their achievements will be recognised at the event, with the opportunity for attendees to congratulate the graduates on gaining their Bachelors and Masters degrees.
One of the graduates attending the reception is Peggy Pazour, from Hamburg, who graduated with a BSc Open Degree. Peggy had previously studied Physics at a traditional University but had not finished the course. "I couldn't face studying any more Physics, so I left University without a degree. Then I heard about the OU and it seemed like a good way to finish my studies", she says.
Open University study gave Peggy the flexibility to balance her studies with family life; she had two children whilst studying her last two courses, and moved country twice, without interruption to her studies. Referring to her experience of being an OU student, Peggy
says: "I loved it...the OU offers it all. Great choice in subjects, an open degree and distance learning".
Alongside the other graduates, Peggy will talk about her OU experiences at the reception, following a speech by Dr. Liz Manning, Assistant Director of the Open University of the North in the UK.
The celebrations will continue across the weekend, with The Open University exhibiting at British Day, at the Hamburger Polo Club, on Saturday 5 September and Sunday 6 September. Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to find out more about the experiences of OU students and alumni. Open University Co-ordinators, based here in Germany, will be on hand, alongside tutors and students, to advise on study opportunities.
To join in the celebrations and find out more about The Open University in Germany, please visit our stand at British Day, at the Hamburger Polo Club, Hamburg. See for event details.
Alternatively please contact Dr Marion Bruhn-Suhr, Open University Co-ordinator in Germany North:
Dr. Marion Bruhn-Suhr
Local Representative of the Open University Universität Hamburg Arbeitsstelle für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung


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