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Mat Nichol The Hamburg Players e.V present Treasure Island - 04 to 07 Nov. & 11 to 14 Nov.
When youngster Jim Hawkins finds a clue to the legacy of the pirate Captain Flint in a dead man's chest he unwittingly sets a tumultuous treasure hunt in motion that attracts a cast of wild and colourful characters. At the center of R.L. Stevenson's iconic story about greed, honour, duty, mutiny, fear and courage, Jim finds himself up against the infamous Long John Silver, a study of good and evil with ever-shifting loyalties. As the tides of fortune turn between the steadfast crew and the increasingly desperate mutineers, Jim's reckless audacity may be the only thing that can save his friends from being marooned on Treasure Island.
Wednesday 4 November to Saturday 7 November at 7:30 pm plus matinée on Saturday 7 November at 3:30 pm and Wednesday 11 November to Saturday 14 November at 7.30 pm.
Mittwoch 4. bis Samstag 7. November sowie Mittwoch 11. bis Samstag 14. November um 19:30. Matinée am Samstag 11. November um 15:30.
Theater an der Marschnerstraße
Prices from €10 to €16.
Premiere Wednesday 4 November, all tickets €10.
Tickets can be bought:
•online at
•Theaterkasse Schumacher or
•at box office on evening of the performance.
Reservations can be made
•by e-mail -, or
•by phoning Hamburg Players Hotline 040/713 13 99.
•Marschnerstr. 46, 22081 Hamburg, Abendkasse Tel. 040/29 26 65
Mat Nichol The Hamburg Players e.V. present Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
The Hamburg Players e.V. present Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
Wednesday to Saturday 6-9 and 13-16 November 2013 at 7.30 pm
Matinee Saturday 9 November 3.30pm
Tuesday 12 November 7.30pm!!
at Theater an der Marschnerstraße, Hamburg.
Tickets from €10 to €16
Premiere Wednesday 6 November 2013 - all tickets €10
Student / group reductions available!!!
November 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s great classic Pride and Prejudice and to celebrate this occasion, The Hamburg Players are performing their own stage adaptation of this well-loved satirical work set in early 19th century England.
Mrs Bennett has a problem: five unmarried daughters and no male heir to pass the estate onto. So married they must be! The arrival of their rich neighbour Mr Bingley offers a chance to find one a husband – and leads to all sorts of social mishaps, intrigues, and bruised hearts. Still the hope for good fortune in love prevails– in more ways than one!
Christopher Graham Nicolls Streits Cinema Closed Down Last Monday
A sad week. Streits has closed down. Maybe The Savoy/Metropolis in Steindamm will take over showing films in English
Email sent to us on Wednesday:
A Farewell To Our Fellowship Of Friends
An era of Hamburgian cinema history ended last Monday. The beloved Streit's movie theatre finally closed. It will be an irretrievable loss for Hamburg's cinematic and cultural attractions.
We would like to thank our loyal audience. You are the world's greatest guests! Until the end it was our pleasure to welcome you to the Streit's.
We would also like to thank every companion, supporter and friend of our house as well as current and former colleagues. Thanks to everyone who worked on different positions for this cinema.
We don't know where or when, but we hope to meet all of you - OV-lovers and admirers of well-mixed drinks - again one day.
Your Streit's movie theatre and Streit's lounge team
Gary Rohweder
Ex-Theaterleitung Streits Filmtheater
Christopher Graham Nicolls Will Streits Really Close? Last show now 27th
Text: Streits 08:45am today | Warum am 27.03. noch einmal "Django" als womöglich letzter Film im Streits läuft? 1. Weil der Film ein würdiger Abschlussfilm ist, an den man sich auch nach Jahren noch gerne als letzten Film im Streits erinnert (vorausgesetzt der 27.03. bleibt nun der letzte Tag!). 2. Weil man den Film auch gut und gerne ein zweites und drittes Mal sehen kann. 3. Weil Mr. Tarantino seinen 50. Geburtstag feiert!
Basic translation | Why will "Django" run as possibly the last film in Streits on 27.03.? Firstly, because the film is a worthy final film in Streits, that everybody will remember for years to come (assuming the 27.03 remains the last day!). Secondly, because we like the film as well and can see it a second and third time. Thirdly, because Mr. Tarantino is celebrating his 50th Birthday!
Mat Nichol The Hamburg Players e.V. present Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw
6-9.Feb.2013, 13-16.Feb.2013 @ Theater an der Marschnerstrasse.
Directors: Wiebke Störtenbeker and Sonny Pathak
It is 1885, during the Serbo-Bulgarian war. Wealthy young Raina Petkoff impatiently awaits the return of her fiancé Sergius Saranoff, hero of the recent Bulgarian victory over the Serbs. But her head is turned by the arrival of Bluntschli, a Swiss mercenary fighting for Serbia, who hides in her bedroom after the battle and unheroically prefers chocolate to bullets. Meanwhile Sergius flirts with Louka, the Petkoff’s bold and ambitious servant girl, much to the disapproval of her fiancé, the faithful servant Nicola.
Will Raina follow her parents’ wishes and settle for Sergius and the status quo or choose her “chocolate cream soldier”?
The Hamburg Players bring us Bernard Shaw’s anti-romantic comedy that pokes fun at pretensions, love and the glorification of war.
Venue: Theater an der Marschnerstraße, Marschnerstr. 46 (3 minutes on foot from U-Bahn Hamburger Straße).
Dates: 6 to 9 and 13 to 16 Febuary 2013, Wednesdays to Saturdays at 7.30 pm, Matinee performance only on Saturday 9 Febuary 2013 at 3.30 pm
Tickets: (040)292665, (040)7131399 or
Tickets for 10, 13 or 16 Euro. Preview on 6 Febuary - all tickets 10 Euro. Reduced tickets with a valid student ID
Hamburg Players e.V. (founded in 1965) is an English-speaking theatre group which performs 3 plays per year in Theater an der Marschnerstraße in Hamburg.


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