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Keith Semple When England's cricketers took on the Nazis
No, really. It's quite an intriguing piece of Anglo-German cricketing history:
Keith Semple Rugby, cricket, snooker
Anyone interested in rugby, cricket or snooker in Hamburg? If so, read on...
Rugby: Hamburg Exiles, apparently still going strong ( They're on the HEP website as well.
Cricket: I think there are now four clubs in Hamburg. These are Pak Alemi, Alster CC, HSV Cricket (the HSV cricket department, I kid you not - see HSV website) and Hamburg International. Pak Alemi and HSV are basically Pakistani clubs, while the other two are more international. For cricket in Germany see
Snooker: Snookerclub Hamburg e.V., Bramfelder Straße 102b,
Billardcafe Trio, Holzmühlenstraße 68-78, Wandsbek,
Keith Semple
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Keith Semple
Keith Semple schrieb:

>Update on snooker:
>Any snooker fans living or working south of the Elbe? There are two
>snooker tables at Billards B7, Kuchgarten 21, Harburg:
Snooker's getting more popular here: Billards B7, Kuchgarten 21 (Harburg) now has three snooker tables.
Keith Semple New cricket club in Hamburg
A new cricket club has been founded in Hamburg.
THC Rot-Gelb is looking for new members and players to strengthen its cricket section. The club, which also encompasses tennis and hockey, is located in Klein-Flottbek and has its own grass wicket - a rarity in Germany.
Contact: Andrew Craston (XING member)
Information courtesy of Carsten Höfinghoff of the Deutsche Cricket Bund and the XING group 'Beyond Boundaries':
PS: Alster CC, which I mentioned in the 'Rugby, cricket, snooker' posting, is now defunct. Many of its members are now involved with THC Rot-Gelb.
Keith Semple Christopher Graham Nicolls
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Mat Nichol HSV v Chelsea FC - 04.08.2010
A great chance to see a top English team playing in Hamburg:
HSV will face Premier League double winners Chelsea FC in a pre-season friendly on 4th August 2010.
This match will take place at the Imtech Arena (formerly HSH Nordbank Arena) starting at 6pm/18.00.
Please feel free to contact Mark Schober on XING for more details:
Christopher Graham Nicolls International German Open in Hamburg - 17th July 2010
International German Open in Hamburg
Location: Hamburg-Rothenbaum
Saturday, 17th July 2010


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