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Christopher Graham Nicolls English Church / Anglican Church Hamburg To Get Major Facelift
€150,000 renovation made possible by Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung
Image | From the left:
Dr Ursula Markfort, Office for the Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments
Bernhard Reemtsma, Chairman of the Board, Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung
Dr Sebastian Giesen, Director, Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung
Reverend Matthew Jones, Anglican Chaplain, Church of St Thomas Becket
Alk Friedrichsen, Alk Friedrichsen GmbH (architect)
Father Martin Löwenstein SJ, Priest in Charge, Roman Catholic Church of St. Ansgar
Hauptpastor Alexander Röder, St Michael’s Church (Michel)
with members of the congregation.
Löwestein and Röder are the vicars of the neighbouring RC and Lutheran churches respectively.
The main work on the façade is likely to take about 12 weeks. The signage will be over the portico, in illuminated gilt letters, and will read:
Anglican Church of St Thomas Becket
The last renovation work on the church exterior was over 25 years ago.
Press release:
Hamburg Germany, 6th May 2013 – The Anglican Chaplain in Hamburg, Reverend Matthew Jones, announced today (Monday) the launch of a major €150,000 renovation of the Anglican Church of St Thomas Becket at Zeughausmarkt. A generous offer by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung to match funds raised by the church during its 400th anniversary in 2012 has made the project possible. A concert gifted by the British Honorary Consul in Hamburg, Claus-G. Budelmann MBE, at which Maestro Jeffrey Tate, Daniel Hope and Sebastian Knauer performed pro bono, was attended by 270 people and raised €60,000 towards the costs.
Making the announcement, Father Matthew Jones, said, “We are delighted to finally begin this major undertaking for the benefit of this historic building and our parish. The Church of England has had a presence in Hamburg since 1612, and this building has served worshippers from Hamburg and visitors from throughout the world since 1838.” The current neo-classical building was designed by Danish architect Ole Jörgen Schmidt and its construction financed by the congregation, the British government and local benefactors.
Commenting on the Consulate’s involvement with the project, Claus-G. Budelmann said, “Many of us have worked for several years to help gather the resources we need for this project. Citizens of Hamburg will notice the immediate difference in the façade renovation and the restoration of signage on the front of the building.” The signage on the north side was destroyed during WW II and was not included in post-war rebuilding of the structure by the British Royal Engineers. The last significant renovation work on the church occurred during the period 1991 to 1996.
Architectural oversight and construction supervision of the project is being provided by the conservation architect Alk Friedrichsen. Describing the project, he outlined a series of preparatory steps that will be taken before the exterior coating is applied and the intricate new signage is put in place. He said, “We are very happy to have such an important role in helping renovate and restore this historic building. The most visible changes we are expecting will take about two months to complete. Work on various smaller, interior projects is scheduled throughout 2013 and into 2014.”
Founded in 1612 by the Merchant Adventurers, an English cloth-trading guild, the parish is one of the oldest outside the British Isles and also the first non-Lutheran church to be established in Hamburg after the Reformation. The Hamburg Senate granted the Merchant Adventurers the privilege of freedom of religious worship according to the rite of the Church of England in 1611.
The parish receives no money from German church tax and is completely reliant on donations for its ministry and upkeep of the building. The church is dedicated to Saint Thomas Becket, who was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 to 1170, when he was martyred. Sunday worship services typically include up to 17 nationalities in the congregation from Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Indian sub-continent and Asia. The Chaplain is Australian and assumed his post in 2011.
For further information or photographs, please contact
Anglican Church of St Thomas Becket
Zeughausmarkt 22, 20459 Hamburg
News and image source: Dawes Communication
The church welcomes people who wish to celebrate with them to the Service of Thanksgiving on Saturday 18th February at 15:00hrs. Please note, however, that they are expecting a large number of people to attend, many from outside Hamburg, therefore you are strongly recommended to go by public transport. The church location can be found here: http://​


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