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A Question of Tax
Thierry Perrotin Are School tuitions deductible?
Are school tuitions a deductible expense when it comes to personal income tax? I have been paying monthly tuition for my wife's studies (she is a full time student) and maybe these costs could generate a tax benefit?
All my taxes are handled by my employer so basically I do nothing when it comes to this topic. But I was told that in certain cases, some people do get a "tax refund" when they actually submit a demand (not sure how this is called).
I would call on a tax adviser to help me with the official procedure but before going ahead, I would like to know if there is any chance that these school expenses would generate a return.
Thank you
This may help.
Key words: steuerrecht+weiterbildung+absetzen
If training takes place elsewhere and you are forced to set up a second apartment, my source reports that the tax can be claimed back for the costs of running the apartment, setting it up with furniture, getting there and back and more. You have to register in the town, village or city in question. Apparently the flat/apartment has to be your main or second official place of accommodation. More information from your tax advisor.
Keep all receipts and a seperate folder with all related paperwork. Travel cost receipts such as petrol receipts or bus and train tickets could be useful.
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Thierry Perrotin Any tax advisor with English support?
We have a small team of international people at the office and we have been trying to find a tax advisor/consultant who could provide us with a general idea of how the German tax system works, what are the good things to do - and not do (in terms of smart tax planning of course!), etc. Maybe some of our team members could be interested by some more personal consulting later on.
Anyone here could recommend a place or person to go to?
Thanks in advance.
Alexander Baron von Engelhardt
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Alexander Baron von Engelhardt Deducting the Same Costs Twice
What to do with operational costs when you are obtaining income as an employee and self-employed from one and the same kind of business? Can they be deducted exclusively as employment costs or professional costs or some kind of mixture between both? And when are they to be distributed, to which ratio?
Thanks very much!
I shall be watching the progress of this website with great interest. A very good idea and it compliments the concept I started in January 2001 perfectly. The legal aspect was always difficult to include in Hamburg English Pages, especially considering that translations of legal documents laws and court decisions is a legal issue in itself and required special attention and a lot of time.
Keep up the good work!


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