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How to Apply
Kirsty Major Free information sheets about writing a good CV and preparing for job interviews in English
Have you decided not to apply for jobs that you really wanted because you knew that the interview would be in English?
Do you know the differences between English and German CVs?
I have written two information sheets with 20 tips on each sheet. The first one is about preparing for and attending interviews in English. The second one is about how to write a good CV and cover letter when you are applying for jobs in English or in companies that are based in England.
You can request one or both of the sheets here:
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Christopher Graham Nicolls Job Application Advice
Advice on writing CV's (Bewerbungen), letters of introduction, photos, clothing and more. We need your help. Please post advice and tips in the relevant job section. Relevant links to websites or to online documents can be added.
The latest jobs can be found on the Hamburg English Pages job page, plus many useful links and CV guides.


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