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WELCOME to Hamburg English Pages! Expanding on the popular concept that has been online since January 2001. Main page:

English Language & Translations
Kirsty Major Special offer - 8th December - do you need help with English texts?
English with Kirsty's 12 days of Christmas – day 4
Do you wish that you had someone who could help you with English texts?
Are you sometimes unsure about the grammar or best choice of words?
Do you wonder how your English texts sound to a native speaker?
Today I'm offering two English good to go sessions for the price of one, which means you get 60 minutes of proofreading, translation or text writing for £15.
This time can be used for turning your ideas into English texts, proofreading your texts or translating texts from English to German.
Find out more:
Only available on 8/12/16
After this time, there will be new offers every week day until 20th December.
Kirsty Major Advice for writing a CV in English
In this interview with Andrea Hartenfeller, an experienced HR professional from Germany, we talk about differences between English and German CVs, whether you should translate your qualifications, and some things to avoid when writing your CV.
The English with Kirsty podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher
Kirsty Major Tips for listening - I find it hard to understand English-speaking colleagues
In this podcast episode, I talk about what you can do if you find it hard to understand English speakers, and how you can improve your listening skills.
I look at five specific problems that people have, such as a lack of exposure to spoken English, or native spekers not giving clear and concise messages, and give tips to make life easier in these situations.
You can find the episode here:
It’s also available on iTunes.
Helen Waldron Words which do not exist in English (and more)
Me again - but this blog post is relevant to English and German speakers, as I try to translate such words as the dreaded "spießig" and divulge my own favourite German words.
Hope you enjoy it!
Keith Semple Good advice


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