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WELCOME to Hamburg English Pages! Expanding on the popular concept that has been online since January 2001. Main page:

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Christopher Graham Nicolls Google Changes Search Results with Mystery Site Speedometer
Google changes search results with mystery site speedometer
Slow loads to be dropped
This could be a major drawback for sites with photos, graphics and artwork images. The change does not sound good.
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Christopher Graham Nicolls A way of adding traffic to your website
I found this website and have now added the buttons provided by them to my websites. As I think this free service is useful, I thought I would share it with you all as well.
It appears to bring more traffic to your site and allows visitors to share your website location via Email, Facebook, MySpace and many more.
I will continue to observe the results.
Christopher Graham Nicolls Our Hosting Provider
We moved Hamburg English Pages to Revido, after a colleague and IT expert told us about them, last year in 2008. We are more than pleased with them. We ran a few tests, which all proved positive. The main advantage is ''flat rate'' traffic and an amazing amount of storage space on the server, not to mention the price.


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