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Christopher Graham Nicolls Two Cafes near Wedel
Just outside Hamburg, very near the Elbe, two cafes could be worth a trip into the countryside. Both cafes are based around farm activities and boast a selection of animals in a form of country zoo. Follow the same route to both cafes, but take care, as navis can't usually find them.
Both appear to be open most of the year.
Christopher Graham Nicolls 10 Hamburg Ice Cream Parlours Tested
10 Hamburg ice cream parlours tested.
The interactive map only appears in the German version. The English version is a rough translation via Google - an error message will appear, quoting that the interactive map cannot be displayed.
Please add your ICE CREAM PARLOUR tips.
If possible, please note the location using Google Maps, the level of service, a general overview of prices and if they serve sugar-free ice cream for diabetics. Facilities for handicapped persons, such as ramps, would be useful additions. The nearest train station would be helpful and if the station has a lift, or just steps.
Our tips can be found in Altona and Blankenese:
Altona - has a quiet hidden garden - walk through the shop:,9.932451&geocode=&hl=en&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=18&sll=53.552235,9.93244&sspn=0.002237,0.004801&ie=UTF8&z=18
Has diabetic ice-cream. Service usually good. Prices and selection good. Limited seating. Seasonal. Closed in Winter. S-Bahn nearby. Train station and café suitable for handicapped persons - tables outside the café on the pedestrianised street. The garden may be difficult to reach. The café is not wide and this may cause problems with wheelchairs.
Has diabetic ice-cream. Service usually very good. Prices and selection good. Now extended - shop next door was converted in the same style a couple of years ago. Tables in front of shop. Ample seating. Open all year. Walks down to the Elbe through the steps-quarter (Treppenviertel) within easy reach. Parking difficult. S-Bahn nearby. Train station and café suitable for handicapped persons - tables outside. Ramp to enter the café not seen. Plenty of space inside for wheelchairs.
Christopher Graham Nicolls Plaice Finkenwerder Style
Finkenwerder is not just Airbus, apple orchards, or a town with crumbling houses and many residents hoping for a bypass, rather a place for Plaice and Platt German. My favourite road name or passageway there is ''Twee Flunken'', which means Zwei Füße or ''two feet'' in English.
Ferries run from Teufelsbrück and Landungsbrücken.
Platt Schnacken!


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