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Spam, Viruses, Trojans and Hoaxes.
Christopher Graham Nicolls SPAM - PayPal Users Warning
Do not click on the links in any Emails which appear to be from PayPal. Check them first.
The following text can be found in these mails. We received two today, subject: Ihr PayPal Konto.
Sie haben 1 neue Nachricht Sicherheits-Alarm!
Log-In in Ihr PayPal-Konto um das Problem zu beheben.
So bestätigen Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse:
Klicken Sie auf den nachfolgenden Link: www paypal de / kontobestaetigung
There is a completely different link hidden behind the link above (in the mail), part of which is ''netcampususa'' plus no end of numbers.
The option to view HTML Emails in a preview window, should be switched off so that background images are not downloaded from the Spammer server.
Right click on a mail in Outlook and view the properties of the mail to see if the link is different to the link displayed in the mail, or copy the subject and paste it into Google, but add a dash between each word first (Ihr-PayPal-Konto), so that Google only looks for the entire subject line and not individual words. You may find a website with a warning confirmation.
Christopher Graham Nicolls Hallmark Email Warning
The link in this Email is thought to run an exe file which could attack your computer. The mail looks like this and the confirmation number is not valid on the real Hallmark website:
A Friend has sent you a Hallmark E-Card.
If you recognize this name, click the link to see your E-Card.
http : //www . hallmark . com/ECardWeb/ECV.jsp?a=EG0694272732475M245925860Y&product_id=DON'T CLICK THIS
If this name is not familiar to you and you're concerned about online security, please use the following steps:
Enter your e-mail address in the Original Recipient.s E-Mail Address box.
Enter EG0694262772475 in the Confirmation Number box.
Click Display Greeting.
Want to send an E-Card too ? Visit
To view Hallmark’s privacy policy or for questions, visit, and click the links at the bottom of the page.
Hallmark Cards, Inc., 2501 McGee, P.O. Box 419034, Kansas City, MO 64141


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