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Fabia Rossi HR Manager – Sell/Market – German/Swiss German mother tongue – Speaking French/English - Zurich –!.!!
For my client, I’m seeking:
- Contribute to the growth and the development of the company by managing and oversee the commercial aspects of the local stores, including the recruitment of a qualified sales staff.
- Make use of useful recruiting channels, tools, co-workers or personal skills in order to delineate job profiles and their many tasks.
- Have a good Knowledge of recruiting procedure and tactics.
- Manage and control the annual employees’ career development process.
- Take care and check the employees’ contracts and agreements, labour law issues, attendance records and monthly review for any attendance difficulties and payment schedule.
- By cooperating with the direction and executives services, oversee and control the cost of human resources.
- University Bachelor or Master Degree achieved.
- German or Swiss German native.
- French and English fluent, Italian would be a main feature.
- Minimum experience: two years in HR Retail’s area. This involves a full command of recruitment processes, administration and management roles.
- Good understanding of the Swiss labour law and payroll practices.
- Excellent knowledge of recruitment tools and processes.
- Soft skills: be communicative, reliable, adaptable and flexible.
- Be ambitious, working with the wish to enhance and make Career progresses.
If this job opportunity interests you and you believe to be the right candidate for this role, please contact and send your CV to
Keith Semple Germany launches scheme to entice young workers from Britain
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I shall requote:
The claim of "Lowest unemployment rate" - those statistics are falsified by companies only employing "young persons" on part-time limited contracts.
The media over here in Germany claim of a "skilled worker shortage" - though there are enough skilled workers. It's the employers that are handicapped by intense employment laws.
Companies find it difficult to employ people full time and unlimited due to the laws that are intended to protect the employee from the employer. In the long run all well and good, but for young people to gain enough work experience as well as knowledge of their trade and business - it is more so impedient and frustrating then anything else.
The economy in Germany isn't strong enough as unemployment shall rise (thanks to these employment laws) within the next few years.
Keith Semple Britain becomes Germany’s biggest trade partner
Fresh data from the Bundesbank have revealed an interesting and surprising development: for the first time in the modern era, the UK has overtaken France to become Germany’s biggest global trade partner.
Christopher Graham Nicolls Britain Announces Cap on Immigrants | Germany Reports Population Net Loss
Britain announces cap on immigrants:
Germany reports net loss of population:


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