Take care to check your bank and credit card accounts.
Over 500 Euros was stolen using my credit card recently. Three bookings were made with the following keywords:
one of which can be found here in a forum:
1 out of 10 for MASTERCARD.
I called Mastercard using the number on the website. After selecting 1, about 7 or 8 times, I had to enter the credit card number via the telephone. The computer then gave a new number, which was wrong. I then called our bank emergency number, which we found amongst our paperwork, but not on the website. After selecting 1, I spoke to somebody, who forwarded me to a computer again... it gave me a number, after selecting 1 twice, and then hung up. I then called the new number and waited 5 minutes, as all lines were busy. After selecting 1 and entering the card number again, I spoke to a person who did not hang up or forward me! All in all a wonderful system. Three quarters of an hour, just to register a problem with the card. Just imagine the fun you would have if you were on holiday and had to phone via a mobile phone!
My card is now blocked. I now have to go to the bank and give a written statement and also to the police. In addition I will Email the local police in the UK. The three illegal bookings happened directly after using the card to buy petrol in the UK. The bookings were in USD and GBP, not Euros.
This description may help those who have the same problem. Please add any useful information you may have. German postings can be added to the ''German Lounge''.