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Christopher Graham Nicolls Online Registration Opens for ISC'10
Online registration for the 25th International Supercomputing Conference -- ISC'10 -- is now open and offers early registrants both lower "early bird" rates and options for tailoring their attendance according to their interests and needs...
Christopher Graham Nicolls Windows 7 can now be ordered in advance
I've now installed Windows 7 on the main computer here in the office and can say the first impressions are very good. Vista will never be installed here! I'll be adding a virtual XP SP3 environment (as far as I know only possible with Professional and Ultimate) to it as well, to stop any compatibilty problems, and if it works, I'll try a virtual MAC environment later on the machine as well. Installation can now take place via USB stick with help from special software.
Maybe we can start adding our experiences with Windows 7 here.
I'm also going to attempt to install Kubuntu (Linux) and Windows 2000 on an old laptop, as a dual-boot system, to see if it works. The laptop in question is an old Fijitsu-Siemens 333hz, 6GB hard-drive - circa 1999. The most reliable computer I have ever used and perfect for small jobs. The screen, CD-Rom drive, DVD-rom drive and the battery can also be removed and swapped around! Something I miss on laptops nowadays. I installed XP on it, but it was too slow to use and the pad stopped working. It was OK with Windows 2000 and was delivered with Windows 98b, which was really difficult to remove!
Why does Microsoft deliver rubbish inbetween releases? We had Windows 98b, NT 4.0 and now Vista.
By the way, don't install Internet Explorer 8, unless you really have to, it is very slow and most fixes don't really improve matters. Stick to version 7, until IE8 has been improved, or IE9 comes out.


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