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Christopher Graham Nicolls Helium Balloons Wanted for a Good Cause - FOR NEXT WEEK!
Free advertising for your company. Donate a load of Helium balloons with or without your logo on them and I'll put them on the Tombola stand at the Hamburg British Day, 28th/29th August 2010. Other attention grabbing decoration items wanted, such as a shop window dummy dressed in British style! Proceeds from the Tombola go to local children's charities. The stand will be decorated from 3pm to circa 6pm on Friday 27th August at the Polo ground in Klein Flottbek - ask for me. The intention to supply anything is needed in advance. Delivery direct to the ground, or to an address VERY nearby.
We need to decorate the stand to attract more people. The more people we attract, the more money can be donated to charities.
Please note, I am not an organiser of British Day. I am just helping to set up the Tombola stand
Thanks :-)
Christopher Graham Nicolls Support the Campaign for the Patron Saint of England. 23rd April, St George's Day!
Please join the campaign to gain proper recognition for the Patron Saint of England. April 23rd St George's Day - ought to be a day of celebration up and down the country. Street parties, dinners, special sporting events and most important of all - an English national holiday


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