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WELCOME to Hamburg English Pages! Expanding on the popular concept that has been online since January 2001. Main page:

Offers of Help
Borre Antonsen Colliding cultures
Helen Waldron The Hamburg English Language Teaching Association is organising a day of workshops and talks on the topic of ELT. Come along, get some new inspiration, network with colleagues or just see what Hamburg teachers and trainers are up to. All welcome!
Alexander Baron von Engelhardt LG2G -- Legal Guide to Germany
The project “The Legal Guide to Germany,”, aims at helping citizens of other countries, either living in or coming to Germany, in gaining a reliable legal orientation.
This portal offers products and services in three areas:
1.) a platform for legal content and newsletters on topics of everyday concern for the foreigner in Germany,
2.) Checklists for different needs and other literature,
3.) space for advertisement to reach out to expats in Germany.


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