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WELCOME to Hamburg English Pages! Expanding on the popular concept that has been online since January 2001. Main page:

Local events focusing on the English language and culture
Christopher Graham Nicolls British Flair | 9th & 10th August 2014
British Flair | Reports suggest that the Queen will be in the car shown in the banner image, on our Facebook Page; the car that used to belong to Queen Mum. The truth will be revealed during the opening ceremony today at 2pm. Fact, or fiction? Local TV and radio should be reporting on this interesting development. We were there setting up today. Come and see us! Images >
Christopher Graham Nicolls Fri 20th May 8pm - Pen & Ink Writers Hamburg Evening
REPOST: Pen & Ink Writers Hamburg invite all to an informal evening of poetry, prose and a pint ay Kulturladen St Georg at 8pm on this Friday 20th.
We look forward to seeing you there. Terry McDonagh.


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