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Sitting on the couch, talking about the most eccentric, cold and aloof, weird and insane nation of the world and flamboyant personalities.

Mark Hauler Roll Call !
Ok, who's here ? Seems our friends in Europe have taken their rest. Anyone besides me online ?
Anyone..? Helloooo out there....
Svitlana Matiushenko
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Mark Hauler
Atlanta - 85F (not too hot!) and mostly sunny. We've had our share of rain lately, but nothing too bad.
Just checking in to see who else is around. @Marion - glad to see you ! and to our fearless leader, the esteemed Mr. W - a ton sante !
Svitlana Matiushenko Just a thought to share ))
Being free in mind might make that life to lose its limits
And make all boudaries to fall...
But who could challenge meeting those crazy and what's
the use of feeling that kind free?
Svitlana Matiushenko Dangerous Minds
So dangerous have time for thoughts
When no sign of love has left already,
and only prints of memories
feed mind still burning...,
is there remedy for it or no hide
or cure?
There're things that might not
possible been held..
and only eco hopes to catch them
somewhere in the hight
too high to reach...
Wilhelm Fink Svitlana Matiushenko
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