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Sitting on the couch, talking about the most eccentric, cold and aloof, weird and insane nation of the world and flamboyant personalities.

I wonder what to do with the un-censensed stuff i got when I let translate automaticly my novel The cinnamon Girl: For instance these lines:
* The dancing Gott Shiva has above like a cloud an opulent wreath from thorn datura-apple blossoms.
Robert decollated just of his wife. And het wanted to close his shop. To leave behind everything, - for that it went. A video Shop concatenation could to it surprising good offer. Robert struck. And what did the bank excerpt report? First the sum (Purchase price) of the video combine. And five days later a further credit. Inheritance or lotto profit, Robert be silent about that.
* At first read Robert in the Whitsun supplement the report about an African desert wedding. The goats belong to the women. Two forges, as such they have magic strengths, announce the wedding officially, so the custom wants it. Fatima, the bride, makes the best to appear in good shape.. It burns incense. It knocks the bitter smoke into their clothing.
Then Robert reads in the aroma-book. The oil from the flower buds of the carnation, it gives you the DEATH and REBIRTH. You are supposed to pass by in order to be borne again. You say good-bye in order never to return. Incessantly you continue the trip. Nard oil slows down your pulse.
The oil gets going from musk granules you. You float into sensuous to-bee-free. Entfesselung. Incense brings you onto the other bank. There you catch holy understanding. Robert wondered whether fragrances carry us over into a new world? Lemongras, the, fresh, BRINGER OF LIGHT , does everything. Laurel opens your look. In a show room you see it. In their high vault. The creation in uniqueness.
You fought enough. You flow, you breathe into that behind-the-wall, into the across the river. The cinnamon oil performs excitingly on nerves, system of the blood supply distributed muscles and that about the body. Cinnamon is a laurel plant. Cinnamon turns round to the human that is feeling-cold and jealous. Cinnamon opens and warms the heart. It gives to-be-secure, Geborgenheit.
Cinnamon tree * That with his precious bitter rind, from where it came? The Greeks believed the cinnamon tree grows into Arabia not on the earth, but in the nests of the Phoenix-bird. The Phoenix is unique because he bears itself again in the flame of the resurrection. It lives not from arable crop or from herbs, but off incense tears and the juice of the spice-ginger.
Phoenix * If he feels his end after 500 years builds in the boughs of the stone oak a nest. He takes as litter Kassia, yellowish myrrh, small piece of cinnamon and ears of the mild nard. In this way, surrounded from magic fragrance, the Phoenix concludes his earth time. It burns, and from his ash a small Phoenix to which is summoned arises in the same way many years live.
Take some drops of Tolu-balm, cinnamon-acid, Zimt-Esther. The feeling of the statelessness and the foreigner takes that from you. The feeling flows you, to be in the arms of the BIG MOTHER.
Delphin-Gebabbel and peaked scream. Robert had taken along the most beautiful CD from the loading, inserted the pane and listened. The apartment filled as a fish-tank. Dolphins in the conversation under water. First the Babbeln, the buffing. Then outlier reads in the prattle. And suddenly these livelier maker screams. There it was past with the Sich-Einschwingen, Sich-Einfuegen into the gentle fin movements. Now Robert took into the deep sea long shot. It joined it in, the delphinierende underflow, now it was a Mit-Empor-Schnellen, a jumping, dipping and Dabeibleiben as a Mitbruder. Tatenlosigkeit, it went to a wreck with flashy scream.
Pirates flung once the poet Arion about board. A dolphin took it surely to the cape Tainaron. Which secret surrounds the dolphins? In Greece there was the sanctuary, the oracle place. There were the navel stone, the three chair, the Kuenderin chewing laurel. In France the king's son is called after the dolphin that the Greeks designated after the womb. What combines that all with each other? Earth mother, navel stone, oracle in Delphi.
Daphne took the airplane into Stockholm. She had gotten that invitation - as all other ones -. It did not fly directly to Africa direction. But in order to fetch Robert it did the detour via Berlin. She took a taxi into the stellar street, she had to smile at that. Galaxy would have been also pretty. She found the business shut before. The zugehaengt shop windows. Correct, on the advertisement in a large way the name. COMET. Esoterische bookshop. Daphne shook a second time at the door. Everything remained quiet. Then she saw the small sign. Closed because of fortune.
Wilhelm Fink my funny way to try to say it
out of use with english I look for odd things ten years ago:
screwcutter's song
the thread of life, a train of thoughs
twist drill, pitch of the screw
Schraubengang - to get in the slipstream
Handling handsome tools to make edges. I open the iron
winding to give duct to the body, male or femal screw - to liften the mask
to highness
to pull facec to distany, to cut devil's nails
to make up tailors's dummy
screwcutter's song - to fasten loose screws
small twisted-up paper of tobacco
prison warder's enjoyment
Copulation in the worn-out house
endless screw. I open your mouth
to regulate distance between crowded teeth
you screwing your face into wrinkles


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