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Mat Nichol The Hamburg Players e.V present Steel Magnolias - 31.10.2012 to 10.11.2012
Truvy's Beauty Parlor in a small Louisiana town is where the women gather to share their gossip and troubles while being pampered by warm-hearted Truvy and her young assistant, Annelle. How can M'Lynn deal with her diabetic daughter, Shelby, who is determined to live her dream of marrying and having a family, despite the risk to her health? How is the unlikely friendship between grouchy and eccentric widow Ouiser and life-affirming Clairee held together? How does Truvy cope with the escapades of the men in her family, while Annelle transforms from shy newcomer, to party girl and then Christian revivalist? With laughter and tears, with determination of steel, and the power of true friendship.
The Hamburg Players present this comedy-drama, which was an acclaimed 1989 film with Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Dolly Parton and Shirley MacLaine. Come along and share the fortunes of our "steel magnolias".
Steel Magnolias, by Robert Harling
Wednesday to Saturday 7.30 pm
31 October - 3 November and 7 - 10 November 2012
Matinee Saturday 3 November 3.30pm
Theater an der Marschnerstraße
Tickets: (040)292665, (040)7131399 or
Tickets 10 - 16 euros. Premiere on 31.10. - all tickets 10 euros.
Discounted tickets for students available on presentation of valid student ID, subject to availability: 8 euros
The Hamburg Players e.V.
c/o Birgit Brink
Oberaltenallee 20a
22081 Hamburg
Tel: 0176/48274611
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Christopher Graham Nicolls Co-Moderator, Photographers, Authors & Event Organisers
Promote yourself and your capabilities
Help build ''Hamburg English Pages''
We are looking for one more co-moderator, on a volunteer basis, who is based in Hamburg. The new co-moderator will assist in:
-- welcoming new members
-- responding to member queries
-- thinking of new and interesting topics for discussion
-- leading and refocusing discussion threads, and
The new co-moderator should make approx. 2 hours available per week for these tasks and have a feeling for what's going on in Hamburg. We suggest that it would be easier for native speakers, but it is not a must. Knowledge of German is required
We are also looking for photographers, event organisers, researchers and authors to add interesting information and images. The images will be linked via basic link to the Facebook Group photo galleries etc, as XING does not allow images yet!
The group is here to help ex-pats, learners of English and global English speakers to come to grips with Hamburg and northern Germany as a whole and to find out what's going on. We also add news and information outside Hamburg, but of interest to all concerned
The benefits can include an increased personal exposure on XING, a creative outlet, and a chance to contribute to an interesting group of English speakers
If this idea appeals to you, please send me a personal message including possible links to areas you are already involved in
Thanks :-)
Best regards,
Chris Nicolls
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Christopher Graham Nicolls Hamburg English Pages Group 200th Member
Welcome to our 200th member!
To all members, please invite friends, partners and business colleagues to join us. When we have more members, we can start to organise events. A number of ideas are in the pipeline, so please take part, answer any questions posted by other members and use our group to find new business.
Invite someone today.
Thanks :-)
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