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International Introduction
Gerald Wilhelm Räumlichkeiten Forschung
Hallo zusammen,
ich bin Professor in München. Im Rahmen dieser Tätigkeit bin ich sehr engagiert in der Forschung auf den Gebieten -Moderne metallische Werkstoffe- und Schweißtechnik.
Meine intrinsische Motivation zur Durchführung von innovativen, nicht kommerziellen Forschungsarbeiten kann scheinbar nicht durch entsprechende Räumlichkeiten seitens der öffentlichen Hand gedeckt werden.
Daher suche ich eine Firma, die im Großraum München oder Dachau (Radius ca. 50 km) ca. 200m2 für den Aufbau und das Betreiben eines Labors zur Verfügung stellen kann. Sämtliches Equipment ist bereits vorhanden. Im Gegenzug biete ich kostenlose Beratung auf den Gebieten Schweißtechnik, Werkstofftechnik und Qualitätsmanagement an. Meine berufliche Erfahrung in der Industrie umfasst viele Bereiche wie z.B. den Stahlbau, den Behälterbau, den Schienenfahrzeugbau u.v.m. Relevante Qualifikationen wie z.B. Schweißfachingenieur (EWE), Schweißgüteprüfingenieur, Quality Sytems Manager etc. So wäre eine entsprechende Unterstützung bei der Einführung der EN 1090, oder bei der Herstellung von Produkten im Rahmen der PED, der EN 15085, etc. denkbar.
Über eine Rückmeldung würde ich mich freuen.
Beste Grüße
Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Wilhelm
Dennis Chow DeeDraw-for multi-stage drawing design
Welcome to the Moltool. Here you can learn more about Moltool, and know our target, which is to design the great, friendly, and innovative tools for industry customer.
Moltool is a small company under controlled by C3P software; a Hong Kong registered business, offers the CAX & PLM software tools and service. Moltool strive to develop lite and easy-to-use software tools for mold industry such as die casting, sheet metal forming and so on.
DeeDraw is the first product released by Moltool on November, 2013. DeeDraw is also the first know-how design tool that developed for the multi-stage deep drawing process. DeeDraw provides guides and tips during design process and a special function called smart design mode, which is enable to help user apply the industrial-approved LDR for each drawing stage.
To experience more about DeeDraw product feel free to contact us or visit
Madjid Sarvghad Moghaddam about me
I am a materials engineer-metallurgy and welding- with over 7 years of experience in industry.
Currently I am based in Iran, however, If I could find a position, I would like to move to a German institution (academic or industrial) as they deal with cutting-edge issues in the modern industry. I am specially interested in modern welding technologies, especially FSW, LFW, EBW and laser welding. I have strong background in fields pertinent to industry and welding. I am also acquainted with Aluminum/Stainless Steel friction stir welds with a PhD proposal on this issue.
I was wondering if anyone could assist me in finding a research position in academia or a related engineering job in industry.
Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you need to cast a glance on my resume and list of publications.
Best regards
Adam Grochowski Hello my name is Adam, I'm welder 135 MAG and 141 TIG (WIG) gr. 8
Hi, I'm 31 old welder from Poland, my primary welding method is MAG, I start in year 2007 when I end my first welding course, in year 2009 I makes course 141. Work with metal is my big passion, now I put the first steps in blacksmithing (someday I want be proffesional blacksmith).
Now I'm looking for new employer, I open to any job in any region on world. I want travel and I have new fresh passport...
I speak in english (simply but fluent), of course in polish (native) and little in czech...
Adam Grochowski
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Adam Grochowski
There are my actual welding certifications: just take a look or download (from box . com):
You can find scans: My Welding Passport and welding certifications:
- certification method 135 GMAW EN 287-1 135 P FW 1.2 S t10 PF ml (Carbon Steel)
- certification method 141 GTAW gr mat 8 EN 287-1 141 P FW 8 S t6 PF ml (Acid-resistant steel - INOX)
- certification method 136 FCAW EN 287-1 136 P FW 1.1 P t10 PF ml (Carbon Steel)
- certification method 136 FCAW EN 287-1 136 P BW 1.1 P t15 PF ss mb (Carbon Steel - TUV NORD)
My work experience – short resume:
- 3 year like a welder 135 MAG (GMAW)
Weld: diffrent kinds construction, elements of machinery, housing of hydraulic cylinder and many more... Thickness: 3-15 mm (often fatter elements) Material: Carbon steel
- near 1 year like welder TIG (GTAW)
Weld: elements of hydraulic elements, reductions... and many more (this method I also weld in home) Thickness: 3-15 mm (often 3-6) Material: often carbon steel and Acid-Resistance Steel (I have only certifiation of this group)
- 4 year like a metal worker. Often jobs: grinding, drilling, cutting on diffrent kinds saws, metal cutters, rifling, sometimes sending, painting with puder and wet, riveting. Plenty the same elements makes i row. Work with small technical drawings... Welding 111 MMA SMAW (non profesional)
Matthew Krzysztofik specialized welders available from Poland
Hello Group Members,
I just joined the group earlier today. Thank you for accepting my application to join the group. I do apologize that I do not speak German. As I am an American, my English language skills, however, are quite good!
We are a private joint stock company established in 1998 in Poland with expertise in the industrial and construction sectors.
We have provided UK employers and recruiters with thousands of professional staff since 2004 and have recently expanded to Germany and France. We are quite skilled in the provision of specialized welders and fitters such as those working in aluminum and stainless steel.
We work based on both hourly fees and on one time recruitment fees. Clients have noted that our fees are quite reasonable. Should you have a current requirement that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me. My contact details are listed below. My colleague speaks fluent German so I will be happy to communicate in German as well.
best regards
tel: +48 22 859 02 16