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Stephan Kallee Let's meet in Chennai (formerly known as Madras): IIW conference 17th - 22th July 2011
The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) is honoured to host the 64th Annual Assembly and International Conference of IIW from the 17 to the 22nd July 2011, in the vibrant South Indian city of Chennai. Weld India 2011 exhibition will also be held concurrently at the same venue.
The orgainising committee invites you all cordially to the 64th Annual Assembly & International Conference of the International Institute of Welding in Chennai (India).
This will be the major networking event in 2011 for welding and joining!
We hope you will participate and benefit from this event, which is sure to bring together, the international welding fraternity under a single roof. The hosts wish all the authors, delegates, exhibitors and articipants a highly successful gathering and an enjoyable stay in Chennai and India.
Should we organise a XING-Meeting at one of the "Weld India 2011" fair stands?
Please comment, if you are planning to attend this IIW conference, so that we can arrange a meeting of this XING group.
Sheila Thomas
I hope to be there for the IIW Annual Assembly, just before the conference, and would be very happy to meet if I am still around.
Stephan Kallee Nominations for AWS Award for those who promote the "Image of Welding" before 12 July 2010
Do you know an individual or organization that has shown exemplary dedication to promoting the image of welding in their communities? If so, there's still time to nominate them for the American Welding Society's annual Image of Welding Awards. Deadline is 12 July 2010.

>AWS 8th Annual Image of Welding Awards
The Image of Welding awards are issued in seven categories. The awards recognize individuals and organizations that have shown exemplary dedication to promoting the image of welding in their communities.
Nominations will be judged by the Welding Equipment Manufacturers Committee (WEMCO), which is composed of executives of welding industry suppliers to promote the welding equipment market. Enhancing the image of welding as a critical industry is among their priority programs. The winners will be announced at the Image of Welding Awards Ceremony to be held during the FABTECH International and AWS Welding Show on
2-4 November 2010 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.
Stephan Kallee American Welding Society Kindly Provides Free Download of "ANSI Z49.1:2005" and "AWS Safety & Health Fact Sheets"

>ANSI Z49.1:2005 Revision now Available for free Download (pdf) after Providing some Personal Data:
The American Welding Society’s Board of Directors recently authorized free electronic distribution of the current ANSI Z49.1, Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes. The Board decided this important voluntary welding safety and health standards document should receive the widest distribution possible and has directed that Z49.1-2005 be made available for free download.
During World War II, the huge demand for war materials production placed on the United States brought a tremendous expansion into the use of welding. In mid- 1943 it was recognized that some type of code or standard was needed relating to safe practices for performing welding. Under the auspices of the American Standards Association, the standard was drafted and published in 1944. It was entitled American War Standard Z49.1, Safety in Electric and Gas Welding, and Cutting Operations.
Following the war, the standard was first revised in 1950. Subsequent revisions occurred in 1958, 1967, 1973, 1983, 1988, 1994, 1999, and 2005. The 2005 revision is now available and accessible for free download from the AWS website. During the period of these revisions, the American Standards Association has become the American National Standards Institute and War Standard ASA Z49.1-1944 has become ANSI Z49.1-2005.

No. Title Date
1 Fumes and Gases Oct 05
2 Radiation Oct 03
3 Noise Oct 03
4 Chromium and Nickel in Welding Fume Oct 03
5 Electrical Hazards Aug 06
6 Fire and Explosion Prevention Aug 06
7 Burn Protection Sep 09
8 Mechanical Hazards Sep 09
9 Tripping and Falling Sep 09
10 Falling Objects Sep 09
11 Confined Spaces Sep 09
12 Contact Lens Wear Sep 09
13 Ergonomics in the Welding Environment May 08
14 Graphic Symbols for Precautionary Labels Sep 95
15 Style Guidelines for Safety and Health Documents Sep 95
16 Pacemakers and Welding Mar 97
17 Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Jan 96
18 Lockout/Tagout Mar 97
19 Laser Welding and Cutting Safety Mar 98
20 Thermal Spraying Safety Feb 97
21 Resistance Spot Welding Feb 99
22 Cadmium Exposure from Welding & Allied Processes Jan 02
23 California Proposition 65 Sep 09
24 Fluxes for Arc Welding and Brazing: Safe Handling and Use Jan 02
25 Metal Fume Fever Jan 02
26 Arc Viewing Distance Jul 04
27 Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes Oct 03
28 Oxyfuel Safety: Check Valves and Flashback Arrestors Apr 05
29 Grounding of Portable and Vehicle Mounted Welding Generators July 04
30 Cylinders: Safe Storage, Handling, and Use Mar 05
31 Eye and Face Protection for Welding and Cutting Operations Dec 06
33 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Welding & Cutting May 08
34 Coated Steels: Welding and Cutting Safety Concerns Sept 09
36 Ventilation for Welding & Cutting Sept 09
37 Selecting Gloves for Welding & Cutting May 08
Kleber Cervantes
This is very useful information.
Thank you.
Stephan Kallee Feuer verbindet – Geschichte und Gegenwart der Schweißtechnik als Thema von DVS und dem Technischen Landesmuseum MeckPom
In der langen Historie der Schweißtechnik kündigt sich für 2011 eine Premiere an: Erstmals wird eine interaktive Ausstellung die Geschichte und die Gegenwart der Schweißtechnik in Deutschland erzählen. Der Deutsche Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e. V. (DVS) und das Technische Landesmuseum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (TLM) in Wismar erarbeiten zurzeit ein gemeinsames Konzept, das die Faszination der Schweißtechnik auch für den Laien greifbar und lebendig machen wird. Schauplatz dieser schweißtechnischen Erlebniswelt wird das zukünftige phanTECHNIKUM®. Dort werden die Besucher nicht nur historische und aktuelle Zeugnisse der Schweißtechnik bewundern können, sondern auch selbst verschiedene Schweißtechniken ausprobieren können: