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Thermal Spraying
Erik Bähr Cold Gas Spraying: innovative production and repairing processes
Cold Gas Technology GmbH, Wernher-von-Braun-str. 4, D-84539 Ampfing
Cold Gas Spraying is a recent coating technology in the field of thermal spraying. The technology uses solid particles which are accelerated to high velocities in a preheated high-pressure gas stream (up to Mach 4), before they impact the substrate. Compared with other thermal spray techniques, the particles are not melted prior to impact. Bonding is caused by a high strain rate deformation of the particles. During the deformation high temperatures occur in the interface and the particles partial welded on the target surface. The thermal impact to the substrate and the coating is generally extreme low. The Coatings, produced with the KINETIKS®4000 system have high densities, excellent tensile bond strength and the physical and chemical properties are close to the source material. Process gas is generally nitrogen and exceptional helium, thus the coating is produced in an inert gas atmosphere. Under those conditions high quality metal coatings without any noticeable oxidation are produced. A wide range of different ductile metals (e.g. copper, aluminium, titanium, tantalum, silver, gold, nickel) as well as alloys (e.g. nickel-based alloys) or composites can be used to form high quality coatings with cold spraying. The deposition efficiency can be more than 90% for suitable feedstock. A typical feature is the focussed spray jet which makes it possible to build up nearly finished prefabricated parts (spray forming, rapid prototyping) or to repair coatings and structures.
Cold spray systems from CGT GmbH promise innovative production and repair processes.
Erik Bähr, Project Manager
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Mubeen A Qureshi
Dear Mr. Erik Bähr, Project Manager
Subject Cold Gas Spraying Coating technology (Thermal Spraying)
We are very much interested to sign the contract to promote subject technology, the under writer is experienced providing services for the past 39 years in the gulf region Based Middle East office Bahrain and operation office in Saudi Arabia and operating specialty coating company in the region. Please visit our web pages corrosion protection
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M. A. Qureshi
Mubeen A Qureshi FLAME SPRAY COATING(Thermal Spray)
Flame Spraying is a part of a wider group of coating processes known as thermal spraying. In this process, a consumable usually powder or wire is heated and propelled onto the substrate to form a protective coating. Flame spraying is the oldest of the thermal spraying processes. A wide variety of materials can be used as coating, using this process and the vast majority of components are sprayed manually. Flame spraying has distinct advantages including ease of application and low cost, compared with the other spraying process. These benefits make it widely used process.
Flame Sprayed Aluminum Coating for steel structural and internal tank.
Flame Sprayed Zinc Coating.
Flame Sprayed Nylons and Teflon’s Coating
Flame Sprayed Ceramic Coating.