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Stephan Kallee SHIPBUILDING International Networking Forum
This international networking forum has been set-up to enable discussions on any Shipbuilding related aspects, e.g. Shipbuilding specific processes, materials or standards on welding and joining. Please introduce yourself within this forum, if you work in the Shiobuilding industry, or if you are personally interested in this field. Please feel free to ask any questions or to upload interesting information about your activities, your company or your publications.
The following companies and group members are involved in the Shipbuilding industry sector (in alphabetical order):
Alliances Consulting (NZ) Limited, New Zealand,
BIS Blohm + Voss Inspection Service GmbH, Germany,
Bundesstelle für Seeunfalluntersuchung (BSU),
Center of Maritime Technologies e.V., Germany,
Cruise Ships Solutions Ltd, Switzerland
DENE - ITL Technisches Büro - Schiffbau,Schweißtechnik,Yachtbau, Germany
Dr. Möller GmbH IMS Nord, Germany
Fa. J&K und Fa. PSB, Germany
FH-Stralsund, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH Lübeck, Germany
Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China,
Germanischer Lloyd AG, Region Asia/ Pacific, China,
Germanischer Lloyd AG Maritime Services Asia/Pacific, South Korea,
Hubei Provincial Jiaxin Machinery Imp & Exp Co., Ltd., China
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited,Netherlands Antilles,
Huss Maritime Technical Service, Germany,
Industrietechnik Krüger, Germany
MSO Maritim Ship Outfitting GmbH sowie MSO Trading & Services GmbH, Germany,
Naval Architects & Marine Contractors Ltd, Germany
Shipyard Batam, RMB-Indonesia, Government of the Republic of Vanuatu, Indonesia
SkySails GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Germany
Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Freiburg, Germany
Please feel free to contact the members of this group, or introduce yourself within this forum. This manually collated list is not complete and not kept up-to-date. It is just a trigger for more effective networking.
An automatically updated list is available via the following web link:
Erik Carton
Does the focus on this sub-group members include ship wrecking/scraping as end-of-life solutions of martiem constructions?
Stephan Kallee 'Cakewalk' at Derecktor Shipyards: How to convert the designer's drawings into a beautiful superyacht?
Designer Tim Heywood talks about how well the Derecktor Shipyards followed his designs. Inteview at the historic launch of 85.6m long superyacht 'Cakewalk' at Derecktor Shipyards. She is the largest yacht built in the U.S. since the 1930s:
Stephan Kallee "Making the world's most cutting-edge aircraft carrier" by Daniel Terdiman
How to weld an aircraft carrier, explains Construction Director Sam Vreeland to CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman on his "Road Trip 2010":
You start with the keel unit. Then you add a bottom unit at 3 months. At six months, you've finished the lower side shell. By nine months in, you've completed the lower side shells. At a year, you're up to the fourth deck but still low on the ship. By 18 months in, you've gotten to the main deck, where the hangar bay is located, but you're still below the bow line. Two years in, and you're above the main deck, to about 60 feet high. At 30 months, you've reached the flight deck, but you're still not past the water line beam. And at 40 months, you reach the island house, and "at that point, we're ready push her over sail and get her wet."
Geoff Hummel, Construction Director at the shipbuilding site at Newport News, explains, how the CVN-78, otherwise known as the "Gerald R. Ford", the first in a technologically advanced new class of aircraft carriers is being assembled:
The "Units" are welded together with other pieces into what are called "Superlifts" in a "Covered Modular Outfitting Facility".
Anurag Datta New Business
Dear Members
I would like to introduce my company, Blue Water Trade Winds Pvt. Ltd., as integrated solution and service provider to global shipping/marine industry. We provide consulting services and products to shipping/marine companies to optimize their operations and thus increasing profit margin and efficiency. We plan to venture into new business areas as well as currently investigating new business opportunities.
Thanking You
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Anurag Datta
Manager (Technical & Business Development)
Blue Water Trade Winds Pvt. Ltd., India
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Tel: +91-135-6453882, Fax: +91-135-2523301
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Stephan Kallee Press Release (01-04-2010): OEG Offshore Achieves Industry First with Innovative Container Design ;-)
An Aberdeen (UK) oil services firm announced today that it is set to revolutionise its industry after designing an innovative container that can automatically alter its dimensions to accommodate its cargo:
This press release reminds me a bit about Google's patented invention of the "prototype data center ship M/S Sergey at the Port of Oakland". Exactly one year ago Google announced during the last minutes of Google's Data Center Efficiency Summit that Google had bought an Oil tanker, the "M/S Sergey", where Google's data center containers were being submerged in oil tanks to enable extremely high-efficiency cooling. The presentation can be seen from 0:41:20 in the following YouTube video:
It includes slightly customized Wikipedia images from the topic 'Oil Tanker', including a retouched photo of commercial oil tanker "AbQaiq" and the oil tankers side view graphic. Google did even apply for a US patent to build data centers on cargo ships. More information about Google's oil tanker and a link to Google's patent is shown on:'s_hoaxes#Oil_Tanker_Data_Center