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Stefan Saettele Deploy SAP EWM with the new S4HANA platform
This webinar sets out what is included in the standard embedded SAP EWM, as well as what the advanced version adds. There may also be times when it would be more appropriate to deploy a standalone SAP EWM solution and this is covered in the webinar too.
Stefan Saettele Westernacher Knowledge Series: The trend towards warehouse automation
Automation has gained increasing traction over the last few years as a way of unlocking productivity in warehouses. A recent study by PRG shows that over 10% of warehouses in the U.S. were using sophisticated automation technologies in 2016: a trend that is likely to accelerate in the next five years. In this research, we examine in detail the various proponents driving this automation trend, the different forms of automation, and the ways managers can prepare for this phenomenon.
Jessica Plourde Hutter VDC Research
Höre dir VDC Research, die führenden Experten in Barcode-Hardware und der Software-Industrie Analyse; Erkäre wieso die Beschriftung eine strategische Notwendigkeit für große, globale Unternhemen ist.


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