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I name you The Hero for convenience.
From now on you are my fellow traveller and I'm your Guide. Please choose a desired city. Set the geographical point of readout. Then let me to develop an individual scenario for you.
The goal of scenario is to create a perfect moment, absolutely spontaneous and as a result – integral one, real, filled with the strength, joy and freedom. Hero's assent and goodwill make me able to be his guide in such a perfect moment.
Terms and conditions are simple:
Scenario can be modified at any time, by The Guide or by Hero. As this is, indeed, Scenario: not a tour of vacuous pages, but living story with a beginning, culmination and denouement. The city chosen by The Hero is built by our fantasies, it lives, breathes and transforms. This city will unfold the plot of your real adventure. You find yourself in a movie, filmed about you, in a waking dream. That dream is exactly about the city you wanted to realize and run through. The nature of trip is created by power of the moment, and according to that we lay a course into particular altered reality of The Hero.
While developing a system to move and reside in one gets automatically into trap being dependent of that system. I prefer the freedom of choice. For sure, my Hero is a person with great imagination, and thus clever sufficiently to find weak points in strategy declared. Therefore, to avoid the controversy talking about free will and free choice, I introduce the concept of The Hero's good will, which means, above all, acceptance of the first condition of spontaneity described above, as well as the courage to move into uncertainty.
Note: The Guide is spontaneous by default.
This is the first condition for his existence. To get a better idea about Guide's good will, please take a look on a section «About The Guide».
I know your desires are same as mine, otherwise why are you reading this now? You are not interested in an ordinary tour done in mechanical manner by conductor who is unconscious of city's magic already. I won't be mistaken to assume your imagination has painted already possible role for your Hero character and feasible city to implement it.
Well, I'm inviting you to get into details in «How it works» section.
Lilija Lorencova
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Eugenia Filippova Eugenia Filippova Moderator
Re^2: Задайте направление
Ооо, спасибо, Лилия, это волшебно!! Я в детство с тобой вернулась )
Поедем, конечно. Хотя есть истории, которые лучше не продолжать, а вовремя закончить. Но если чувствуешь, что эта история нуждается в завершении, то бояться не нужно.
Мы сами создаем место и время, извлекаем из воздуха событий нужное и рисуем его, как художник холст. Мы с тобой можем написать чудесное полотно вместе :), пиши )