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Esther Hoinu/Suantak Government Tenders and Bidding for your Firm
If anybody is interested in bidding for any international govt tenders and bidding notices/assistance,please feel free to contact me or email at We can assist you in all your bidding and procurement requirements with our vast local agents network spread across 65+ coutnries
issam ballouz call for tender: /60/ TONS METALLIC BLST- CLEANING ABRASIVE. Closing 01.08.06
Invitation to tender No: 8565/98/T.D.
Internal & External . call for tender
The Industrial Establishment of Defense announces its need for the supply of:
As per the quantities, Technical Specifications, and contractual terms which may he obtained from the office of General Directorate of the Industrial Establishment of Defense situated at street (Shareh El-Thawraa - Damascus - P. O. Box 2330) against payment of (150) Syrian Pounds.
- Bid Bond: An amount of/1100/ EURO (say: one thousand and one. hundred Euro only) or equal in the other free foreign transferable currencies, ((except the American Dollar)), or equals in Syrian Pounds for the local bidder.
- The deadline for acceptance of the offers is till 14:00 hour of the office working day on: 1/8/2006.
- The tender meeting session will be on: 23/8/2006.
- Tenderers are requested to send /2/ kg’s of the required material in two sealed bags as samples.
issam ballouz Tender studies and furnishings for Ministry of foreign affairs (Closing 20.07.06)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic announces urgently the call for tenders to supply the new building of the Ministry in Kafarsouseh area with the relevant furnishings in accordance with provisions of law No. 51 - 2004 and decree No 450 - 2004 as follows:
- Bid bond: 10.000.000 Syrian Pounds for domestic tenderer / 150000 / Euro for foreign bidders.
- Final guarantee: 10 % of the total amount of tender.
- Delay Penalty: 1 per mille for every day of delay and not more than 20% from the total amount of the works performed.
- Time limit for execution of works: The shortest period possible and this provision shall be noted upon examining of tenders
- Period of commitment: six months as from the date of the offer proper.
- Period of commitment of eligible bidder: Six months as from the date of the apprizing him of written the undertaking.
- Deadline for submission of offers: Tender will be acceptable for submission at the foreign ministry main cabinet (Diwan), Directorate o administrative & financial affairs, Mhajrin - Khorshed Street, until the end of office hours on Thursday 20 / 07 / 2006.
- The bidder can obtain the file of the project from the Ministry's cabinet ( Diwan ) for the amount 100000 Syrian pounds or its equivalent value in foreign currency.
- Our notification published in the public advertisement bulletin No. 11018 dated 23 / 05 / 2006 is considered null. Including our announcement
in Tishrin Daily No. 9568 dated 23/ 05 / 2006, as well as that advertised in Syria Times English daily No. 6 dated 22 / 05 / 2006
issam ballouz Usefull notes about tenders in Syria
First of all: it's not easy to work in Syria! Difficulties are made by complicated legal conditions, high corruption rate and the different mentality and business habits. Therefore:
- You need a strong local partner /Agent; otherwise trouble is programmed!
- Many projects are never announced or only within a very short deadline.
- Some projects are already customized when announced!
- You have to think in long term caterories; the benefit is very good!
- Never underestimate poeple; Arrogance is destructive!
- You have to compete with East Asian Companies in price and Mercedes-Benz in quality
- High profits are possible
- Many products and services are new to the market
In the following some web addresses where you can find public calls for tenders:
First of all the official public announcement site:
the site of the Foreign Trade Organization:
Some big enterprises issue their tenders also separately
Syrian railways:
Al-Furat Ppetroleum Company:
Recently, new tenders are following the BOT (Build Operate Transfer) rules!!
International projects have different rules, e.g. those with European financing: or the German KfW:
Other countries are also running similar programs, e.g. Japan. Some other financing Organizations are the Islamic Bank and some Gulf institutes.
Please reffer also to development programs
More informations about Syria can be found here:
Damascus chamber of industry:
to be continued....


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