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Vineet Ohol Great Source for European Tenders
If you are looking to get information on European Tenders you can contact me on
The information is available in 23 languages and is one of the biggest and accurate service provider. We source information from 1000 different sources. This subscription is available at only EUR 199 for 12 months and per month at EUR 19/month.
I will be glad to answer your queries.
Best Regards,
Puneet Kumar Want to improve your customer management: Ask what we can do for you
Dear Friends,
After working for some of premier consulting firms globally independently as well as part of their core team, I have setup a niche CRM consulting firm which is an end to end CRM service, solution and information provider. We are not an 'IT implementor' per se though the end product of our efforts is used by IT implementors and system integrators.
We get involved in early and formative stages of business cycle when an organization decides to change or improve their CRM processes. We help them define their to-be processes based on what they want to achieve with some inputs from our learnings as well awareness of industry best practices. We work closely to help them understanding the full scope of the changes required to fulfill their objectives. While operational changes, once defined are better handled by the organizations, changes in corresponding IT support systems poses them a relative challenge where we again step in.
At times it would lead to enhance of their existing applications and sometimes, it calls for a new application. In either scenarios, we help them come out with detailed scope, phased delivery plan, requirements for technical implementation and a high level solution design. Post these inputs, the organization can involve one of our product implementation partners to implement the changes or identify their own IT vendors/teams to fulfill the same. Of course, we also do a detailed product assessment to help them evaluate the right skill of the IT team.
As we have full visibility of the changes which impact the organization and its customers, during this entire process, we train the impacted users in phases to ensure the changes works for them as well as we have an early visibility to what might go wrong.
While we are working on this, we are still and purely into CRM - that means activities which impact the customers and customer oriented processes of the organization. We have presence in India, Netherlands and are working on increasing our footprints globally. We already have a few global clients in pharmaceutical and NGO sector via our UK implementation partners. As the economy is coming out of recession, we are now looking for more action.
If any of you find it interesting and would like to explore how we can add value to your organization, feel free to write to us. More information about us can be found on, about me on
If you would like to leave me an email, please contact us via the form on our website or send me a private message.
best regards,
Puneet Kumar
Director, Acrmz Technologies
David Ferdinando A Lens on UK and EU Tender Opportunities
I have been experimenting with the use of Squidoo Lenses and have produced one that looks at UK and EU Contracts and Tenders. The Lens includes links to various web sites where you can register interest and I have set up RSS feeds from a number of sites that post tenders.
UK and EU Bids and Tenders Site is here
I hope that you find this useful and do let me know if you would like me to add any further links or feeds to the lens.
Thanks and regards


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