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Lena Kiefer MBA Conference Brussels this Saturday
You are invited to join us in Brussels on Saturday, 19 September for an MBA Conference featuring top MBA programs from around the world.
This high-quality MBA admissions event will feature application workshops, admissions panels, financing sessions, and networking with admissions directors and alumni from the best business schools, including:
• Columbia University
• Dartmouth College – Tuck
• Duke University
• ESADE Business School
• Harvard Business School
• HEC Paris
• IE Business School
• IESE Business School
• London Business School
• New York University – Stern
• Northwestern University – Kellogg
• Stanford University
• University of California, Berkeley
• University of Cambridge
• University of Chicago, Booth
• University of Pennsylvania – Wharton
• Yale University
Don’t miss this opportunity for 1:1 interactions with key decision makers in the MBA admissions process. Get your research done, and questions answered. Registration is free. Sign up @
George Vlachos Lets remind you,who we are..!!This is Greece
Lena Kiefer Ready for your MBA? MBA 2U Conference Brussels this Saturday
This is a premiere (free) conference for top MBA candidates to meet with the world's best business schools. MBA2U is made possible thanks to the contribution of McKinsey & Company who sponsor the event and The MBA Tour.
Event Format:
• Meetup Sessions: 
1:1 and Small Group Meetings with Admissions Directors
• MBA Panels: 
What Graduate Business Education can do for your Career, Preparing your Business School Application & Financing your Graduate Business Degree
• Individual Business School Presentations: Easily compare programs
• MBA Networking Session: 
Meet Admissions Directors & Alumni from Top Business Schools
Participating Business Schools:
• Columbia Business School
• Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College
• Duke University - Fuqua
• ESADE Business School
• Harvard Business School
• HEC Paris
• IE Business School
• IESE Business School
• London Business School
• MIT - Sloan
• NYU - Stern
• Northwestern - Kellogg
• Stanford GSB
• UC Berkley - Haas
• University of Cambridge - Judge
• University of Chicago - Booth
• University of Michigan - Ross
• University of Oxford - Said
• University of Pennsylvania – Wharton
• Vlerick Business School
September 20th, 8.00-16.30h
Marriott Brussels
Rue Auguste Orts 3-7
1000 Brussels
John Lindsay Location based social presence, unified messages - new solutions to build & maintain networks
Since professional on-line networks began to grow over five years ago many new solutions have emerged to enhance the quality of the networking experience. As people become more comfortable with networking as a part of normal business and social life, the boundaries between personal and business life, between time and space begin to blur.
The desire to access information, to communicate, to interact instantly has defined a demand for network access from mobile handsets as an addition to PC access. It is a popular trend to join multiple social networks and niche interest groups. Subscribing to numerous forums and RSS feeds is common practice.
All of these trends has created a grown need for a singe unified way of accessing and managing a socially connected life that includes.
- Unified messaging, SMS, IM, e-mail making communication convenient and instant. Can you imagine writing your Twitter up-dates from your phone with the option to "location stamp" where you are?
- Location based presence enabling you to meet contacts you want to meet more often, more spontaneously
- Messaging presence in ways that enables people to reach you via the channel you are accessible to in the moment
These needs have given emergence to a new client-based service called Belysio designed to unify a socially networked life. As a veteran networker who has felt these needs, I am using it and I have decided to support Belysio by sharing the application with colleagues.
What I like about Belysio?:
- Delivers a Blackberry e-mail service without the monthly fee
- All messages from any channel (IM, SMS, e-mail) appear under my contacts names rather than by date
- Able to see where I am even without GPS in my phone, and where my friends are
- Keeps my personal communications off the corporate network which is usually monitored by the company (especially important when I work on-site at clients)
- Able to respond to urgent messages instantly
- Instantly share photos with friends and/or business colleagues when on a trip or business event
- When I travel to interesting countries my family can follow my journey with me on their phone or PC by seeing where on the map I am at any time, which can be entertaining.
.... AND it is free.
Belysio is currently in Beta mode and it is available without cost. We are looking for beta testers, so if you would like to volunteer to give your feedback, please download the application here:
When you try it, please give your feedback here.
John Lindsay Tips from Bart Froyen and Jan Vermeiren
The belgian economic newspaper Financieel Econmische Tijd (FET) published a practical guideline for networking at
You can find more information about the goal of networking, the differences between networking and sales, and the networking coach Jan Vermeiren explains the 14 tips below when you visit a networking event, like the OpenBC off-line events:
14 practical tips for networking events (dutch):
1. Vergeet je business cards niet.
2. Bereid je Elevator Story voor (30 seconden verhaal).
3. Give to Receive. Geef eerst zonder iets terug te verwachten.
4. Geef je volledige aandacht aan je gesprekspartner.
5. Luister meer dan dat je zelf praat.
6. Zoek naar het gemeenschappelijke. Tip: breng naam, woonplaats en beroep ter sprake.
7. Zoek hoe je je gesprekspartner(s) kan helpen.
8. Wees bewust van je body language: glimlach, houd oogcontact, wees ontspannen,...
9. Blijf niet de hele avond bij dezelfde mensen staan.
10. Introduceer mensen aan elkaar.
11. Onthoud details over de mensen die je hebt ontmoet. Schrijf ze op.
12. Wissel business cards uit als je iets voor elkaar kan betekenen, niet om zoveel mogelijk business cards te verzamelen en uit te delen
13. Netwerken is NIET verkopen. Het doel van netwerken is contacten leggen en onderhouden. Verkopen kan een gevolg zijn.
14. Volg de gelegde contacten op een respectvolle manier op.
Source: Jan Vermeiren, Networking Coach -
Differences between networking & sales
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