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George Vlachos On this Day in 1953, the debts of Germany were erased from Greece
George Vlachos
John Lindsay FUNDING now available for Innovation
This notice just came in from a colleague of mine on April 21:
"I'm excited to announce the launch of Equator Ventures, a conservation enterprise investment fund, I have built and will be managing under UNDP here in New York. Thank you deeply for your support along the way !
Please read Jeffrey Sachs' statement about Equator Ventures in the newsroom at UNDP:
We are currently calling for a limited number of outstanding proposals that would serve as our pilot group for investment. We are careful to manage expectations, but if you do know of a truly innovative and well-run conservation SME that seeks competitive finance and enterprise development support, please direct them to our program. Thank you for your thoughts.
It would be nice to hear from you !"
If you wish an introduction to this person, just let me know.


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