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Florian Schmid Privatinsolvenz in Belgien
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
kennt sich jemand mit dem Privatinsolvenzrecht in Belgien aus? Was geschieht, wenn jemand nicht zahlen kann? Wie verläuft das Verfahren? Welche Dinge gibt es zu beachten?
Danke ganz herzlich und freue mich über offene Antworten oder persönliche Nachrichten.
Mit herzlichen Grüssen
Florian Schmid
Justine Van Acker Winner announced Pricing Thesis Award 2009-2010 !
The European Pricing Platform announces with great pleasure the new winner of the Best European Pricing Master Thesis Award 2009-2010. With his thesis “Barriers to Value Based Pricing Strategies within Irish Small to Medium Sized Enterprises: A Quantitative Survey Analysis”, Eoin Healy – Dublin City University Business School – convinced our jury that he had the most complete pricing thesis of the other 6 European theses that were selected.
The jury motivated their choice as following: “Very professional thesis with clear steps in study design that is straight in our core business. The methods and objectives are well formulated and the thesis has a really scientific methodology. In general the thesis gives a valuable empirical contribution to the value of pricing research.”
Eoin finishes with an important conclusion: “Pricing, I believe is one of the most frightful and misunderstood elements in most marketers toolbox and it is only through learning more about pricing that we will over come that fear. This I feel, is where organisations such as the EPP can help.”
We wish Eoin all the best in his further career and hope that we may hear from him again in the furture.
Because of the success of the first and second edition we already can inform you that the edition of the “European Best Pricing Master Thesis Award” for the academic year 2010/2011 is a fact. An experienced jury of pricing experts decides eventually who the winner will be.
The Pricing Thesis Award is made possible via sponsoring! For more information on how to participate or sponsoring, please visit our website.
The importance of pricing knowledge development at student level - and herewith stimulate a new generation of professionals starting their careers with fundamental and applied knowledge in the pricing area - is the driver behind the European Best Pricing Master Thesis Award.
The European Pricing Platform (ePP) is the first - independent - European platform focused to support pricing decision makers in a wide variety of industries and sectors.
Justine Van Acker Pricing for Financial Services
The financial services industry is undergoing a period of dramatic change unlike nothing seen since the great depression. Credit has been tight, with some of the most famous financial service institutions both large being allowed to fail. The worldwide sub-prime crisis is reshaping how banks, insurance companies and credit agencies develop go-forward strategies to attract and manage capital.
Over the last decade, the trend across many industries has been a steady decline in customer loyalty, especially retail banking. The advent of the Internet for general consumption has provided consumers with an efficient, low-cost approach for research alternative choices while concurrently creating price transparency. Traditionally, financial service institutions promoted product offerings and features to as broad an audience as possible to meet revenue and ROE targets. There was less attention to customer mix, customer profitability and customer relationship management to all but the most elite or ‘High Net Worth’ customers.
Effectively CREATING, IDENTIFYING, and COMMUNICATING your VALUE proposition to customers is therefore of the utmost in importance. The reward …THE “RIGHT” PRICE to THE “RIGHT” CUSTOMER.
By attending this 2-day training (29th and 30th of September 2010 - Brussels, Belgium), Michael Hurwich (President SPMG) and Loïc Le Corre (Managing Partner SPMG Europe) will introduce you to the latest Value-Based Pricing techniques to analyze pricing processes that go beyond the industry’s current norm of purely risk and reference. Michael will also highlight several B2B and B2C case studies and provide you with some challenging group exercises to develop pricing and customer segmentation strategies.
For more information go to or contact
Britt Dejager Do You Master The Pricing Game ?
Hello, my name is Britt Dejager and I'm part of the European Pricing Platform (ePP) which is the first ‘Non-Profit’ platform focused to support pricing decision makers over a variety of industries and sectors. The target is to update the pricing know-how of the business manager. Participation is open towards all business management, pricing-, finance-, marketing-, sales-,research experts, qualified academics, etc.
Companies can face a variety of pricing problems such as unnecessary discounting, quoting prices below breakeven and pricing too high. A research study by Mercer shows that a 1% improvement in price can translate to an 11% increase in profitability. But this does not mean that it is judicious to raise the price without any consideration!
Pricing too low means a decrease in earnings, while pricing too high in comparison to the competition results in a low market penetration and possible results in a market failure! Price can create or destroy wonderful product concepts, it can provoke aggressive competition, establishing price wars and making whole markets destabilized. Insufficient pricing is very costly! Yet, the pricing field in Europe is still relatively new and evolving. While in many organizations the pricing responsibilities are still highly fragmented, organizations starts to recognize the importance of a professional pricing unit. "Pricing" has no real definition; it is much more than price determination, it includes also price strategy, the pricing processes and procedures, monitoring and reporting, development of value selling tools, and other elements belonging to the pricing field.
The European Pricing Platform (ePP) kicks off on October 29th 2009, with the ‘first PricingFuel Day’.
The first PricingFuel Day will provide you with the answers to the pricing challenges facing you today. With an interactive format combining real-life case studies, informal debates and practical workshops, you will gain the inside knowledge and cross industry insights you need in order to benchmark your pricing strategies, maintain critical competitive advantage and ensure maximum value.
An unparalleled speaker line-up from top-organisations will assist you: Robert Bosch GmbH, Vendavo, Orange Orca, university of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Deloitte, MAN, General Electric, BMW Group, etc. … Become a Pricing champion by attending this innovative forum. Please visit:
Kind regards,
Britt Dejager
Frederik Van Lierde Sociaal-Emotioneel netwerk op het internet gelanceerd
Memory of is een plaats waar we samen gedachten, herinneringen kunnen delen met elkaar over mensen die we hebben gekend en die we lief hebben.
Iedereen heeft een speciale link met bepaalde mensen, zoals vrienden, familie, collega’s etc.
Ieder persoon wordt door elk van ons ook ander herdacht, Sommige mensen kennen de persoon omdat ze samen zaken deden, andere kennen dezelfde persoon omdat ze vrienden waren op school of de universiteit, of de persoon is familie.
Memory of, gestart in januari 2007, is de eerste sociaal-emotioneel netwerk op het internet.De website geeft een eenvoudig te gebruiken instrument om mensen wie u lief had te herinneren.Laat andere mensen foto’s, verhalen, herinneringen delen met u of deel deze informatie met hen. Door een Hommage website te creëren, zal de persoon die u lief had eeuwig worden herinnerd.
Memory of is 100% publiciteit vrij, we spreken over emoties en het team wilde een plaats van rust aanbieden op het internet.De volledige investering is gebeurd door Blue Oceans Ltd en om de werking van de website en dienst veilig te stellen zullen we 12 euro vragen om een hommage website aan te maken. Deze 12 euro zal slechts eenmaal worden gevraagd en zal dus niet elk jaar worden geïnd.
Memory of heeft beslist om 10% van de totale inkomsten weg te schenken aan projecten die wezen helpen. De lijst van de projecten zal heel binnenkort op de website worden geplaatst
Elke commentaar is welkom :)
Frederik Van Lierde


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