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On Oct.29-Nov.1, the MBAO meeting was held in San Diego, CA. This meeting was mainly on pesticide usage and environmental issue.
Methyl bromide, CH3Br, was a broad-used pesticide for controlling pests, nematodes, and weeds on crop production. It is also popularly used for grain storage. However, it was found to endanger the environment seriously, so it has to be phased out. In this case, scientists have to look for alternative solutions to replace CH3Br, such as chemical, non-chemical, or biological pesticide, etc. The MBAO meeting reported the newest development on the alternative pesticides including its effect on pest control and its related environmental impacts. How to reduce the environmental risk from using the alternative pesticide was one of important topics.
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On Nov.4-8, the ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting was held in New Orleans, LA. This meeting was the largest one in the agricultural academic society. Thousands people attended it and there were a lot of very interesting topics during the period.
Among the topics, the most popular one was focus on Bio-fuel. Obviously, how to find alternative solution on maintain the increasing energy requirement is a worldwide issue. Tran-genetic crops and techniques still are a hot issue. In general, scientists keep a positive attitude to it and actually more and more countries grow the crops, especially in USA. Another popular topic was about Turf, which are grasses used for landscape in city.
In general, economic factor is the major motive force on the direction of the present science, in my opinion.


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