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Rainer Dahlhaus Waldorf/R. Steiner Teacher in NZ
Who can give me any information about working as an teacher for R. Steiner schools in NZ ? I am a graduated Waldorf-teacher from Germany and would be glad to get any contact to persons around Anthroposophie...
Thanks for advise and interest....
Ralph Schwaiger Expat Advice & Export Consulting
My name is Ralph, a German expat living in Tauranga.
Pacific & Beyond Consulting is a one-on-one support to grow your business in NZ and the EU.
In addition to running Pacific & Beyond Consulting, I am the cofounder of Change to Green Ltd.
I can help:
1. People who need unbiased advice before moving to NZ.
2. NZ businesses that want to grow their business in the EU.
3. European businesses that want to grow their business in NZ.
Helaina Berry Why Use Telemarketing to get Leads for an ISP in Australia?
Company produced some reassuring statistics why telemarketing is a powerful and cost effective marketing tool in terms of prospecting b2b leads. Especially for ISP business the one that needs extra-aggressive marketing.
When you’re selling the product, you can’t rely on people just coming to you. You need a team of dedicated people who can directly sell your product to the people who most need it.
Use telemarketing that can significantly boost your product awareness.
Sonja Altmann Hoping for some advice
Hey everyone :]
I joined your group because I hope to find some help and advice for my search for an internship in New Zealand.
Well there's not much to say about me.
I am a student in Germany. At the Pforzheim University I study Controlling, Finance and Accounting and am now in my third semester (planned are 7). In my fifth I want to do an internship in New Zealand.
After my study I would like to do a Work&Travel-Year in New Zealand. Hopefully 2016 I will be able to do it.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you got information about internships in New Zealand (you're also welcome if you just want to say how wonderful your time in New Zealand is while I am sitting here in rainy Germany :D)
Kind regards


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